The common question that people ask before buying a VR or Virtual Reality Headset is, will this work on my phone? You don’t really need to buy a VR headset to check, there is a very simple way to confirm if VR will work or not.

What is the VR headset for?

The VR headset creates a virtual environment. When you wear the VR headset you can view the content in 3D, you can also move your head around, you get almost similar kind of experience like you do in the real word – hence called virtual reality.

What is the minimum handset requirement?

For VR the handset should come equipped with Gyro sensors.

How to check if handset supports VR?

Now for those who are not sure if their handset comes loaded with the required sensors, there is a very easy way to check if VR will work on your handset.

You can try the same process on your Android smartphone or Apple Smartphone.

On android smartphone just go to Google Play and search for VR apps, now choose any app from the list. Install and run that app. You should get two screens on your smartphone, with similar content on the left and right. When you use the VR headset the two split screen merge into one and creates a 3D effect.

How to check if your smartphone supports VR

As mentioned there is no need to buy the VR headset to check if VR works on your smartphone. After launching the VR app and getting the two screen, just move the handset left right, top bottom, twist it – left/right/forward/back. When you do that the screen content should move.

If the screen content moves when you move – congratulation your handset supports VR. But if the screen content does not move and is static then unfortunately your handset does not support VR.

If you are planning to buy a VR headset then do perform this simple test to make sure your handset supports VR.

Check the video on how to check if VR is supported on your handset.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -