MediaTek launches MT6572 another low cost dual core chipset

MediaTek has unveiled a new SOC, the MediaTek MT6572 (28nm), another dual core chipset (Cortex A7) with 3G HSPA+ connectivity. According to MediaTek this chipset will be even cheaper that the existing MT6577.

The MediaTek MT6572 is basically designed for low budget handset. The CPU is quite efficient and can be clocked at up to 1.2GHz. MediaTek also claims that this dual core chipset is the world’s first to come integrated with FM radio, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS it’s a win-win situation for both manufacturers and consumers.

Having the basic functions integrated not only is cost effective but also makes it power efficient. The MT6572 will also support HSPA+ connectivity and 3D graphics. This chipset will support max resolution of 960×540 pixels and as far as the camera is concerned the max resolution you can get is 5MP with HD video recording (720p).

As mentioned the SOC is for low budget handsets and these features are more than sufficient on budget phones. It will be interesting to watch out for the first MT6572 handset and of course the price which I believe will be 2x tempting.

We could see a lot of handsets with dual core MT6572 chipset probably in June 2013.

Source : MediaTek.

MediaTek MT6572

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  1. Pradeep says

    It wouldn’t be a quad core mali. But it is said that max supported resolution is 960X540. Mali 400 MP is more capable. But still Single core Mali 400 is good as compared to 531.

    • mohamed says

      I think sgx 531T might just be better than mali 400 as it drives 720p resolution compared to QHD in mali. we will need to look at benchmarks before jumping to conclusion though.

      • seenu says

        sgx plays 720p files easily but mali 400 plays 1080p videos very good. that qhd is screen resolution that the chipset can support.

  2. Mashuk says

    gogi you receive zopo it’s my request to you to before launching any benchmark plz plz clear all recent apps from task manager and clear some ram.then you will get the final performance of that device.plz plz

  3. mprince says

    dear gogi sir
    I am going today a smartfone with under 8k
    wich is good mobile for features in under 8 k
    please help me and reply


  4. Pradeep says

    Wooowwwww, i may soon have to change my smartphone. What’s the GPU inside? Maybe 531???

  5. Rohan says

    Wowww, now only manufactures have to provide sleek and slim mobile with this chipset, then that mobile would be sold like hot cakes. 😀