MapmyIndia Locate – live tracking service on your mobile

Now you can track your friends or family members using the MapmyIndia Locate app. With this app you will be able to monitor their movements, live. This app can be downloaded from Google play, its around 3MB in size and free of cost.

MapmyIndia Locate app will work on android version 2.2 and above. MapmyIndia claims it is an accurate tracking service that makes use of GPS, Cell Tower and / or Wi-Fi to determine the exact position. Before you can track any user you need to send them a request and they need to approve it.

You can track up to 3 users and the location is updated either when the person check’s in or after every 500 meters automatically. You can view the movements on an interactive map. Track friends / family using your mobile phone or simply visit via your phone or from Desktop or Laptop.

How does MapMyIndia Locate work?
Assume the person whom you want to track has already installed the app. They need a working net connection and built in GPS, if GPS is missing the location will be tracked using cell tower triangulation or Wi-Fi.

mapmyindia locate app

User can manually check in or the app will do that after specific interval / distance. It is during this check in process the current location is updated. In case the net is unavailable at that time a cache copy is created and updated as soon as the net connection is back.

Use your android handset and download the app from Google Play (Search for MapmyIndia Locate).

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