If you have got the Reliance Jio SIM and are using a 4G android phone without VoLTE support you will not be able to make voice calls. If you try dialing a number without on a non-VoLTE smartphone you will immediately get a call end message.

When you insert the Reliance Jio SIM on smartphones that support 4G with VoLTE apart from the 4G text you will also get either VoLTE text or HD text – this confirms that your smartphone supports 4G with VoLTE.

On VoLTE smartphones you can directly use the default phone dialer and make calls using reliance SIM. But if your smartphone does not support VoLTE then you will not be able to make any calls however you can download the Jio4GVoice app from Google Play store and use that app for making voice calls.

use jio4gvoice app for non volte smartphones for making jio voice calls

No VoLTE no problem, you can still call from your Jio SIM

Just use the Jio4GVoice app and you can make calls with your Reliance Jio SIM. The Jio4GVoice app comes with a separate dialer you will need to use that every time you want to make voice calls.

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