Motorola started rolling out Android Lollipop update on Moto G 2nd generation devices in December 2014, though it was not rolled out on a larger scale, but as of now the update is available on both Moto G 1st generation and Moto G 2nd generation.

If you are using the Moto G device you might have already got the notification. The download size is about 356MB and once downloaded the OS will automatically upgrade to Android 5.0.2. It is an OTA update so make sure you have a good net connection, preferably Wi-Fi.

Getting a new software update especially of a newer operating system, is kind of buying a new handset. You get the same experience – well it’s the same hardware but something new is running. Android 5 is a bit different, new layout, colour, icons. Lollipop also comes with Screen casting support built in, it communicates with the Chromecast dongle.

If you have the Moto G (1st or 2nd Gen) handset and have updated, do leave your feedback.

Lollipop update on Moto G 1st and 2nd generation devices

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -