The Lava Xolo A700 another dual core handset running ICS OS over a 4.5 inch qHD screen with 5MP camera is now available for Rs. 9,999. The handset does competes with the Micromax A110 the key selling point is the qHD display.

Until now the Micromax A110 was on top of the list but now it has found a competitor – the Lava Xolo A700. Price wise there is hardly any difference. Specification wise there are a few differences. It will be tough selecting between these two.

The Xolo A700 comes powered by MT6577 dual core processor clocked at 1GHz and possibly with PowerVR SGX 531 GPU. It’s the same that the Micromax A110 houses  – no difference. The RAM is 512MB and internal storage is 4GB, again similar to what the A110 comes loaded with. Just like the A110 the A700 handset also runs on the ICS OS.

The capacitive touchscreen display (IPS LCD with 16M colours) on A700 is 4.5 inches with a higher resolution of 960×540 pixels – on A110 its 5 inch screen with 854×480 pixels resolution, the Xolo A700 clearly wins.

Other features are the same as on the A110 ie. 3G support, 2G support, dual sim with dual standby, built in WiFi, GPS, bluetooth and 3.5mm jack. There are 3 sensors namely the G-sensor, light and proximity. The MMX A110 has a missing light sensor but some users are claiming that it is present but not enabled.

As compared with the 8MP camera on A110 the Lava Xolo comes with a 5MP AF camera with single LED flash and 720p video recording capabilities. Quality wise I don’t think there will be much of a difference between the two.

Now coming to the battery part the Lava Xolo A700 comes with 1700 mAh battery with 425 hours standby and up to 4 hours of talk time. The MMX A110 comes with 2000 mAh but then its with a bigger screen.

Lava Xolo A700 dual SIM dual core android handset

Lava Xolo A700 Key features and specifications

  • 1GHz MT6577 + PowerVR SGX 531 GPU.
  • ICS Android 4.0.
  • 512MB RAM, 4GB internal storage and
  • Dual SIM with Dual Standby.
  • 4.5 inch IPS capacitive screen with 960×540 pixels resolution.
  • 9.1 mm thin.
  • Sensors: Light, proximity and G-sensors.
  • 3G, 2G, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, micro USB slot, 3G video calling supported and 3.5mm jack.
  • 5MP rear camera with single LED flash, front VGA camera  and 720p video recording.
  • 1700 mAh battery with 17 days standby and up to 4 hours of talk time over 3G network.
  • Price Rs. 9,999. Available on Flipkart.

Lava Xolo A700 versus Micromax A110 (the differences)

A700 A110
4.5 inch – 960×540 pixels 5 inch – 854×480 pixels
5MP rear with single LED flash 8MP rear with dual LED flash
1700 mAh battery 2000 mAh battery

So in all we are just left with few difference as listed above. It just comes to the screen size and resolution, definitely the Xolo A700 wins here.

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  1. I bought this phone a month back and extremely happy with the performance. The only problem I faced is some of the sensors are not working. E.g. Magnetic sensor is not working hence I can’t use a compass.

    I contacted Xolo care and they are ready to pick up my phone from my home. It will take 5-7 days to repair and return.

    Is it safe? What if they don’t send the phone? 🙂 Is there anything I can do on my own to fix the problem?

  2. Hey Gogi,
    I bought A700 a week ago. It’s value for money.
    But WiFi sharing is not available. Though they have given WiFi direct option(????)
    Can’t attach pendrive using cable.
    Please tell me how to fix these two problems.
    Wating eagerly for ur responce

  3. kahin pe xolo a700 ka flap cover milega kya..
    ya battry cover jisme alg se battry ho jo batry backup badha de.. backup acha h lekin optimus se kam h bahut

    1. Hey abdul or guyz , can anybody help me out with discount coupon , so that i can buy it for 7190 , or else i’ll have to pay 7590

  4. Dis is a superb phone man
    What a display and good Services by xolo care

    Cons: camera flash is not powerful: in night flash can’t do anything flash is useless

    Other wise a good phone

    Head phones which come with this are far away better the sony’s headphones which I bought fo rs400 bas is superb

    Conclusion :go for it superb phone

    1. Does any one have a flash prob then please let now or otherwise I go fir replacement

      And when I plug to the charger phone hangs touch does no worj but when I conect to my samsung charger it is normal

      Any idea gogi sir

  5. Hi xolo team

    Phone-a700 is good phone but
    Wi-fi direct is not working and I have many
    Call our care but not received I have also mailed
    But not response and others many many problem
    But not

    So request too all cstm….,…,.,………,?

    Service not working properly in xolo care
    And mail

  6. I bought the xolo a700 recently. Everything seems to be fine.. the things that upsets me are:
    1)poor battery stamina..
    2)faults in codes of the operating systems which has lead in the disappearance of the ‘menu’ option in each and every application’s window.. I am hugely dependant on third party apps now… Serious problem!!!!!!!! 🙁

  7. Hi dude …now xolo a700 available at rs.7399/- on anybody planning to buy use this offer price

    1. oh .. these mobile prices keep coming down every other day. I checked infibeam its selling at 8799. i ordered one from flipkart. lets see how it comes.

  8. bike hai par petrol kam hai to kya fayada battery backup is very poor compare to mmx.when to choose android mobile first look for battery minimum is above 2000 mh

  9. hey gogi wassup dude
    i saw review and all of a700 and i own mmx a110 which recently got JB official update since both phones hav same SoC mediatek mt6577 and rom are also made by mediatek for devices running those SoC only companies like Mobistel/micromax/lava are tweaking it accordingly thus will xolo a700 get ics v2 rom as mmx a110 got which changed the internal memory partition to 1.83 for apps and 1.05 gb for storage and is xolo planning to give update to JB like mmx and will mmx a110 official rom work on a700 reply asap.

      1. have you tried any of the rom of mmx a110 v2 or official JB???? on xolo a700 did they worked???? shud i give it a try m jst afraid i shud not end up with bricked phone waiting for ur reply 🙂

  10. Hi Gogi,

    I have purcharsed a xolo a700 but the volume button was not working, I have complaint to flipkart regarding the same and they have said that go to fatory setting and erase all the phone data it will automatically restart and than switch off the phone and charge for 7 to 8 hours for first time and than the volume button will work fine, but my question is how the volume button is work by fatory resetting and volume button is a part of hardware, could you please answer my queries…thank you

    1. Pradeep, try it, cause could be a OS or hardware issue – if it does not work you can ask for replacement under their 30 days policy.

  11. Hello I bought this phone few days ago and i am facing problem with it the screen sometimes starts flickering multicolor on touch and it is fixed when i restart the device, is hardware problem or software. Anyone have any idea?

    1. dude its problem with OS installation get a hard reset means OS again installed from service centre . just doing factory reset won’t work.
      Hope i helped you.

  12. Dear Gogi,
    I having facing problem with memory card, it always need to format and sometimes it shows overcapacity than its actual. Images and videos are sometimes unable to open and usually it corrupts very often, i doubt whether it is a device problem or memory problem.

  13. hi
    i got the phone for Rs7600 at a spice hot spot at koramangala bangalore
    it looks sexy man and im happy with it having no problem as of now for me it is value for money

    1. heavy usage i got 10h only but day to day usage with lots of calls nd texting and avrg net usage(1h aprrox) i get 1d 2h battery life max.

  14. hi,
    i want to buy an android mobile within 800rs. I want good camera, Graphics support for gaming and mp3 playback sound. right now i am confused between Xolo A500 and Xolo A700. kindly recommend which phone i shoul go for??
    plz help its urgent…

        1. @Aman, Please check in Ordered Lava iris N454 and got it yesterday.Display is good and got it for 7850 using ebay coupon

          1. hello Sethu
            can you clear which chipset and gpu iris 454 that mediatek or other.
            does it have google play store

  15. Hii,

    Anyone here using this phone? I am facing the following problems on this phone:
    1. Overheating near the rear camera especially while charging.
    2. Charging takes over 7-8 hours.
    3. There is a slight time lag in taking photos. I mean u touch the screen button/physical button and the shutter closes a split second late.
    4. Very very bad battery backup. in 7 hours it is dead. 1 hr call. 2g on . 1 hour surfing.
    5. Keyboard doesn’t register the right keys whil using whatsapp/gmail etc. Works perfect in sms compose.

    I have used A110 and had none of the above issues. Otherwise very good build quality. Looks classy. Screen is very crisp and vivid.

    Stock rom is absolutely vanilla. No G talk and Gmail apps in factory setting ( found that odd). Had to download apks.
    I have been able to root. Looking for CWM recovery so that a complete rom backup can be taken ( Any help is appreciated)

    Anyone who can help??

    1. if gapps were missing in your phone get a re installation done from service centre ul get gapps like gtalk youtube because i tlkd xolo care they told me they have done some tweaks on rom which caused prblms earlier.
      camera lag is still dere but u can live with it i guess .
      battery issue do calibration (discharge it fully thn switch of the phone and charge to full and then switch on the phone without discncting charger and let it charge to 100% thn if it shws 100% already discnt charger and connect 4-5 times till it show 100% again)

  16. gogi plz help me my xolo a500 is locked and its showing my google id invalid
    so plz give me link of custom rom list or jelly bean update of xolo a500 so that i can install it manually by recovery mod plz give me link of roms for xolo a500

  17. Dear,
    Xolo A700 Has a 2G Network only – GSM 900 / 1800 MHz
    and 3G – WCDMA 2100 mhz
    and other branded phone has a GSM 850/900/1800/2100
    And 3G – 850/900/1800/2100
    which difference and any problem facing with XOLO Network Carrier,
    Please tell me ASAP

  18. Hi Gogi,

    My A700 battery taking too much time for charging. is it common to alla700 users or only with me. it seems takes 1hr for charging 20% for battery charge.

    Can you plz reply


    1. Shan, it should be fast at least till 90%, remove the battery and try again. If its taking too much time get it checked at service center as could be an issue with the battery.

  19. Hi, gogi eagerly waiting for your review on xolo a700 looking good option but i have only battery concern.

  20. Look wise and build quality wise XOLO a700 is way way better than Micromax a110… believe me i cannot believe this is a lava phone look like an HTC build phone…..

  21. Continued… A800 was available as well at the store in Laxmi Nagar for 12000.. It had 3 additional features:
    – 8 MP primary camera (A700 had a 5MP).
    – Upgradable to Jelly Bean (mentioned on the box itself).
    – 8 GB of SD card in the box.
    Only thing that was less was 1600 mAh battery (as compared to 1700 mAh of A700).
    Giving extra 2k for aforesaid 3 didn’t made sense to me.. especially since I was skeptical of LAVA’s services in market..
    The aforesaid information might come handy to some looking to compare A700 with A800.

    * A700 is available in Black color and A800 in WHITE color only.

    1. Nitin Jain, Yaar, I also want to buy a smartphone. How much did you pay for A700? My first choice is Canvas2, but it’s selling at around 11k here at my place… So, I think it’s overpriced. And, I can get Xolo A700 at 9k, at a store here. So, I just want to ask, is it worth 9k?

      1. Well, I paid 10k here for my A700.. and still finding it worth my money!! only thing I am not happy with is camera quality.. check out A800 (was 2K more than A700).. same features + 8 MP camera + 8 GB SD card + upgradable to Jelly Bean (as per Co. specification on box).

  22. I got this phone day before yesterday.. am absolutely delighted with the performance.. running most games without a prob.. Temple run & Subway Surf – smooooth !!! The 16M colors and 960 * 540 resolution on 4.5 inch screen gives a rich picture experience (better than the A110). The IPS LCD with a sensitive touch is icing on the cake.. and the light weight almost wins your heart.. Every friend of mine (even with those of Canvas2) rated it above their existing handsets.. Size and weight just like S3.. Infact I am using a back cover of S3 for the same.

    Only concern is the slight heating issue around camera. But this I faced only during charging.. not during any use.

    1. Are you using the silicon cover or flip cover for S3 ? i am wondering how the back speaker is handled i dont think there is speaker slot in S3.

      Can you shed some light

  23. Hey Gogi dude, can you tell me how is this phone in terms of compatibility ?… will it support basic apps and stuff from the android market?.. games are ok?.. basically tell me how is the compatibility of this phone

  24. Hey, Gogi, i’ve been waiting for your review on the Xolo a700, c’mon, please don’t make us wait.. I am confused whether to buy Xolo a700, Xolo a800 or the mmx a110.. i removed mmx a110 from the category because it’s too big and the xolo a700/a800 has got a better screen resolution, i’ve examined the a800 in a local electronics store and i personally liked it, really great.. But i’m holding back just because of one thing… the usability of the Xolo a700/a800 , im not sure if it will last for a good amount of time in the long run or not.. what do you think?.. should i buy this phone because if i buy this, i won’t be able to afford another phone for a year maybe.. Is it durable in the long run?..( will it slow down?).. And the only thing i noticed in the a700 is that the screen slightly flickers at minimum brightness(not even noticeable from a decent distant).. So, is it a good buy?

    1. Rajnikanth, good news I have both A800 and A700 and review will be up today for A800 and max tomorrow for A700.

  25. Hi gogi, I bought A700 few weeks back. I am noticing that its camera is not getting a satisfactory click while using in dark. Is there’s way or any app that could help while clicking in dark?

    1. Arjun, no in low light conditions the camera quality is not good, the LED flash is not that powerful and this is the case with every smartphone.

  26. Dear Gogi and all other readers,
    It seems from various educated reviews and user comments, that A700 seems to be a relatively good choice in the range. BUT MOST IMPORTANT, does anybody have any experience to write about XOLO customer service as it seems you cant take it to a service centre but only call their helpline and they will either try to solve the problem OR send someone to visit you personally. Anyone with comments and experience on their customer service (good or bad). Imp as you will expect some problems with these kind of phones.

  27. I have been using xolo 700 since 10 days it was working fine but now I have 2 problem firstly, it get heat up near camera portion while using 2g internet. Secondly, my laptop doesn’t detect on connecting to laptop thru usb. I also tried it in other laptop but still doesn’t detected. Plz help!

    1. Hey Guys, anyone knows the problem or solution ? That is really sad if the connection to laptop is a problem ?

      1. Hi, when connected to laptop, if there is two options in notification panel select on usb mass storage and then select turn on mass storage.

        If this not works download teamviewer from google play and see if it works.
        And I am going to buy this phone , CAN YOU SHARE YOUR EXPERIENCE WITH THIS PHONE. How much free ram is available etc….

      2. Once you connect the USB to laptop, on top left of screen it shows USB icons… swipe downwards on the icons with your finger to show options >> Click on “Turn on USB Storage” >> Also click on USB Debugging and turn it on.. Works for me (am a A700 user too).

        1. Please verify that your device is Connected as USB Storage (if not click on “Connected as… ” and change to “USB Storage” from “Media Device” or “Camera (PTP)”..

  28. I am new to your website and your reviews seems to be very helpfull and i want to buy xolo a700 but i m cunfused betwene xolo and intex and i want your review and please do the review of xolo soon i am eagerly waiting..

      1. gogi u r reviewing iball andi 4.5h. which is a rare brand than lava. i was waiting for a700 review but always listen SOON. u said that u will review this on this friday. but again in this cmnt u said soon that was too much disappointing from a impressive man like u. NOW I M THINKING (THE SOON ) NEVER COMES.

        1. When I get it I will do it, I get the handset from few stores and they need to have those handsets before I can get them for review. Xolo stock is not available, iBall was.

      2. Sir, the phone is available at a near by store at new delhi, tell me how many pieces you need and plz review it as soon as possible.

          1. Tell me where in delhi ? and please can u also check iball andi4.5h there? and give me the store address.