After Micromax A100 5 inch Phablet, Kobian company better known for its Mercury brand, has now launched the Mercury MagiQ for Rs. 12,700. The price might seem a bit higher than the MM A100 and a bit lower than Micromax A90, unless you are impressed with a 12 MP camera.

The Kobian Mercury MagiQ android phone also sports a 5 inch capacitive touchscreen display, supports dual SIM with dual standby, runs on Android 4.0 with 4GB internal storage and 512MB RAM. The 4GB storage is an advantage but A100 also comes with 4GB storage. However the 12 megapixel rear camera could be the game changer.

But this does not end here; the company also claims that the handset will come with a much better battery life with an expected talktime of around 13 hours and standby time of up to 2 weeks. A one GHz single core CPU powers the Kobian Mercury MagiQ handset, more details about the chipset is not known.

Well overall this handset has everything that A100 comes loaded, but with some higher features that could grab the attention. But I guess there will not be much difference between an 8MP camera (as on MM A90) and a 12 MP camera, and moreover many users would really not care.

Kobian Mercury MagiQ 5 inch phablet android ICS phone

This 5 inch Dual SIM Phablet will be available in India for Rs. 12,700 with 1 year warranty. Probably we could see many more 5 inch models flooding the markets in coming months.

Kobian Mercury MagiQ Key features and specifications

  • Single Core 1GHz Processor (Chipset Unknown – probably the same that MM A100 houses).
  • Android 4.0 (ICS).
  • Dual SIM with dual standby (GSM + GSM).
  • RAM=512MB, Internal storage=4GB and Micro SD slot that can hold cards up to 32GB.
  • 12 MP rear auto focus camera with flash with front VGA camera.
  • Battery mAh capacity unknown however Kobian claims the handset can last for about 15 days in standby mode and talktime is up to 13 hours. I think the battery will be higher than 2000 mAh capacity.

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  1. I bought this phone began to close on its own after 2 months. No technical support is also not update the phone. mail thrown back, but no answer. telephone mechanic tells me that the phone’s battery shutdown.

    in short, this phone certainly do not

  2. Dear all,

    I have bought a Mercury magiq 5″ phablet from eranakulam last month, and I am presently in Bahrain. I was using Nokia C7 since last one and half year and I can surely say that magiq is a nice phone better than Nokia. (I threw down my C7 by anger as it gets hanged frequently, videos ith me. :0) There is an option in the camera settings to change the camera resolution to 12 MP, which is 4000×3000. when you are checking the image in a pc also, you can see the same picture resolution by verifying properties.

    I paid Rs. 10,500 only, this one was available with Lulu international mall in Cochin, but the next day, it was out of stock there, so I ordered it to one dealer and he arranged it to a mercury shop near my town.
    I will confidently suggest this phone to all as I am satisfied with this one. Those who want to talk to me mynumber 00973-39600725

  3. Hello Sir,

    I am in search of a phablet. i had confirmed my purchase with mercury Magiq untill recently i came across Lenovo handsets and micromax. Any suggestions for the same. Can you please elaborate whats GPU and how is it benficial for the handset.

  4. This handset in available online @ I bought one in November and its good and easy to use for a not so tech person like me.

  5. On 20th October I purchased MagiQ for 12700/- this Phone is Superb with 12 mega Pixel and HD Recording. It looks like (as similar as) Samsung Galaxy note and same size. But only the thing is big Screen (5 Inches ). Frequently I travel on bike When call comes it is uneasy to lift, that’s why I Want to purchase below 4 inches phone instead of this, due to this reason I want to Sell it for 11700/-Including 16GB Memory card and Back Panel . Till to day I haven’t use this as phone. Simply I saw the futures only. There are no scratches any where. If any body want this Pls Call me 9491117676 for othe state +919491117676 or Use this Email –>

    1. Please honestly tell me minus point of this phone

      … is phone me kya kamiya h jara imaandari se batane ka kast karave .. kyuki isake feture ke hisab se isaka rate itana kyu h is feture ke phone to 20000 se upar hote h

    2. Phone is fine but only thing is 5 inches size (BIG Size to Lift the Phone) Other futures Ok.

    1. shailendra… have u used this set?

      is it really not worthy of buy?

      i have contacted kobian… it is available now but via courier…. but now m confused about its feature genuineness

      i contacted

      for NCR…

      do give it a reply buddy

      1. I have spoken to the Technical person he confirmed that the Camera is 5MP interpolated to 12 MP, he was not aware of what is PPI. and the chip he told is A8 but which hardware ie. Mediatek or what he was not aware of.

        Looking into these aspects I cancelled my decision, and now we have MI500 which is much better than this. however my hunt for a smartphone with Value for Money is still on. I am eagerly looking for MMX A90 Dual core / Blu Vivo 4.3 in India. But no words on Launch. My wife already has MMX A90, and this is the best phone I have seen for the price.

        1. Shailendra, it will be really hard to get a better phone than A90, but we hope to see some more.

  6. Hi Gogi
    Where can I buy this phone, I checked with major online sites. Mercury official website also not accessible all these reason loosing trust on this brand, could you please advise?

  7. gogi really this kobian mercury magiQ has 12 mp camera and what is the weight of this. Where can I buy online?

  8. Bro(googi) Would you plz help me out to find the better one among these all good quality phones but I usually prefer the best gaming handset though with micromax phones its an issue that both(A90/100) are not very able to play the high end games such NOVA 3 modern combat 3 and the new HD games, also at the other hand I am quite in confusion that spice is using snapdragon processor and other phones are with different processors or chipset could hurt the feeling of your expectations likewise It might be cause of lagging or heavy lagging while you are running a hd game,

    I am in rumors of new spice stellar which has rumours that it will come up with 1GHz dual core snapdragon chip set and would be advanced with 432Adreno GPU.

    So will this a benchmark for heavy games and if I get to choose one of them then which one would be the worthful though I can range last 13k not more than than and that spice stellar has a ranging price around 12k.

    But I am quite curious with AMOLED however it doesn't have 16million colours it provides video scrolling option but thats all fine but I have a problem with gaming I demand better performance in gaming and the mercury handset are much respect full too but still gaming is my first sought and should be good in look but I have to make decision in upcoming month so still waiting for launch of new phones but plz help me out with my problem of gaming I mean that cud run all games even shadow guardian and every new to old game from Gameloft to EA I mean everygame plz

    1. Mohan what you are looking for is the performance of the high end phone at the price of a low end phone :-). Well these phones are powerful but it cannot play every HD games. A dual core processor is what you should be looking for that can play many more games that a single core can't but I don't think it will be available under Rs. 13K (But I really hope so).

      There are some handsets waiting for a launch with better specs, so watch out.

      1. Hi gogi Recently i purchased the magiQ It is very nice . but only thing is low Sound when I watch the videos. Pls tell me the way to increase the sound (sound Settings) I found Some Settings like >Audio Profiles>General >Volumes like that .But I didn’t know How to improve the Sound. Pls tell me another way to improve.

        1. Harsha, you can try some sound booster apps but not sure if that will work. If you have recently moved from a non android phone then you may feel the sound is less. Smartphones have less sound output as compared with other non-smartphones. But overall you can not do much with the sound, may be a slight improvement using apps.

  9. Hi gogi, I am very much impressed with your reviews, and I decided to purchase mmx A100 according to your review. But now I got confused with Kobian Mercury MagiQ 5 inch. What should I do, pls reply asap
    Thanks and regards.

    1. Hi though the specs are better than Micromax it is still not available, we will have to wait for it.

  10. Hi when will this phablet – Merury MagiQ be available in the market? And from where can we buy this? hows the after sales service of this company?

    1. Anirban, I have never used a mercury product before so not sure about their after sales, just check the kobian mercury site to find if there is a service center nearby to your location.

  11. hi gogi, this phone ma be dual core presser .they mention in there site in the section of Hardware-" ARMv7 processor rev 10(v7l) 1993.93".