Jailbreaking your iPhone opens up host of facilities that were previously blocked by Apple. Though jailbreaking is relatively a simple process, things may go wrong and in very rare cases may even brick the device.

The good news is jailbreaking is legal and the bad news is doing so voids the warranty. So if you proceed do it at your own risk.

There are many software’s available that can make the whole jailbreaking process simple for the users. Jailbreaking basically use exploits to tap into the system files and alter it. Apple is constantly trying to fix exploit thereby making older jailbreaking software’s useless.

As of now iOS 4.1 on iPhone 4 can be jailbroken using the Limera1n or the greenpois0n software.

How to jailbreak iPhone using Limera1n

Download the limera1n file from http://limera1n.com

Using the USB port connect your iPhone and start the limera1n process by clicking on the button named “make it ra1n”.
The device will then enter into recovery mode.

You then need to get the iPhone to enter into the DFU mode do so by holding the power and the Home buttons. Keep holding the buttons and release the power button only when you see a message, you are still holding the home button which will then take you into the DFU mode.

When you see the lime logo in the DFU mode wait until the limera1n codes are added that will jailbreak the device.

After the process is over start the iPhone and open Limera1n app and install cydia.

You have now successfully jailbroken your iPhone.

How to jailbreak iPhone using greenpois0n

To start with first download greenpois0n from

Using the USB cable connect the iPhone with your PC and start the greenpois0n by clicking on the button “prepare to jailbreak”.
Wait until the iPhone enters into recovery mode.

Hold power and home buttons to make the device enter into the DFU mode. Release the power button but continue holding the Home button when you see a message.

Once into DFU mode again click on the button “Ready to jailbreak”. Let greenpois0n update the phone and once done restart the iPhone.

You will find the loader icon launch it to install cydia. Once done remove loader when you will be asked for, iPhone will then reboot automatically.

Your iPhone is now jailbroken.

If you have a problem with limera1n try greenpois0n as it is more stable than Limera1n and recommend.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor - gogi.in