Apple iPhone 4 will make its entry in the Indian markets in September. Those who are eagerly waiting for the iPhone 4 will have to wait until the official launch, though there are options available to buy it before the launch thru Ebay.

The cost for 16GB iPhone 4 is at a whooping 72k INR. But it is suggested that you drop the idea and go for the official launch. Airtel and Vodafone will be the iPhone 4 carriers in India.

Since its launch many problems in the iPhone 4 have been reported. Just in case Apple goes for iPhone recall it will be easier to go through the process if bought from an official dealer.

When compared with 3GS the iPhone 4 is bit narrow but the weight remains the same. The screen is of 3.2 inch size with double the resolution at 960 x 640 pixels. Apple boasts that the picture clarity, visibility and sharpness are the best of its kind thanks to the new technology called Retina Display.

There are some camera improvements seen in the iPhone 4 with a 5MP resolution and LED flash. Video can be shot in high definition mode of 720p @ 30 fps.

iPhone 4
iPhone 4

iPhone in India may carry a price tag of approx Rs. 35k for 16GB version and Rs. 42K for 32GB. The official prices have not yet been disclosed.

iPhone 4
iPhone 4

Before you buy the iPhone 4 you should be aware of the following problems encountered by users around the world.

  1. Bars or Yellow Blotches seen on the screen.
  2. For some users the rear facing camera was in no mood to work.
  3. Screen Glass is not scratch proof.
  4. Many facing the decrease in reception quality when holding the iPhone 4 with Apple telling them to hold the phone in a different way.
iPhone 4 in India
iPhone 4 in India

Over all there seems to be a host of problems with the iPhone and Apple may work around to get it fixed soon. Some of the problems are really hardware related and only time will tell what steps Apple will take to satisfy the iPhone users.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -