Today almost everything is available online. And the best thing is that you do find a lot of better deals online than from offline market. So is it safe to buy TV’s online? What about after sales / services? Read this article to know more.

Is it safe to buy TVs online?

Yes it is and you get the same warranty as you do when you buy offline. The warranty card will not have any stamp when you buy online as the box will be opened in front of you, also there is no need for a stamp on warranty card when you buy online, the Invoice is good enough. You will still need to retain the warranty card.

When a big product like TV is delivered, there are two things that can happen.

When installation is provided

If installation is provided the delivery guy will most likely drop the box at your place and ask you not to open the box, you can sign the delivery paper. After a day or two the installation personals will come from the company side (TV brand), they will open the box and do the installation. In case the authorized personal finds any damage to the TV, they will notify the company and you will get a replacement. Hence if installation is provided do not open the box, let the authorized personal do that.

Is it safe to buy TV's online? or should you buy it offline

When installation is not provided

In this case the delivery personal will ask you / or will open the box in your presence and ask you to check for scratches / other damages if any. If everything is all right you can sign the paper.

You see TV is a delicate product and if not transported properly it could easily get damaged. There were incidents before when the TV was delivered, the delivery personals would just sign and go away and when the customer opened the box they found damaged TV, broken screen etc.

In such a situation it was difficult to know who was responsible for the damage, the delivery guys or customer.

Hence from now on the new system has been incorporated as mentioned above. You also sign the paper that says no external damages.

When you buy TV from a store the warranty is handled by the company. Say if  you buy SONY TV, in case of issues you need to contact the SONY service center. The same rule applies for online too. If you buy says SONY TV, and if there is any issue later on you will need to get in touch with SONY service center.

So it is safe to buy online, but before you buy online make sure to check the price in offline market too.

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  1. I had bought Micromax 40 inch Full LED TV two years back though my family is quite skeptic about buying TVs online.

    Flipkart delivered the next day and the technician came to my home in the afternoon on the same day it got delivered and fixed a wall mount and gave a demo on how to operate the TV.

    I took this for an INR 1000 installment for two years and till now it works like a charm without any issues.

    Now my family had realized it is as good as visiting the local electronic outlets while choosing the goods through online.

    Not sure, why few people are so unlucky though they had mentioned few of the super brands that disappointed them.

    Two things you need to notice while buying goods online.

    1. Look in for reputable online websites and their sellers.
    2. Go through the detailed reviews, whether it is good or bad or worst and analyze it before making the purchase.

    Few online shopping portals are spurious and function like flea market. Refrain yourself to buy any items from them.

  2. I think the reality is somewhat different. Making a big purchase online has its pitfalls. LG showrooms carry notices saying they will not honour warranty on items bought from online stores other than lgezbuy. Personally, I find reading customer reviews and ordering a gadget is quite risky – you may get a completely different picture of the product by fawning/frowning users than exists. How many of us have read comments like – DSLR level camera quality in smartphones? We know its impossible for a tiny lens to produce pictures rivalling a DSLR. Heck, a DSLR cannot still give you a picture quality rivalling a 35mm flim SLR, but reviews can mislead.

    And that is why I read gogi’s reviews carefully. This is one site that stick sticks scrupulously to a fair review of different gadgets.

  3. I bought Panasonic 42″ 3D,Full HD smart TV from Paytm last year. The company representative came for installation. He said the packing was not done perfectly as it has come from Delhi to Hyderabad. But it reached me absolutely undamaged. Installation was free. Its about ten months. No problem. I got a huge discount on it. Even after buying on EMI, I got more than 5000 rupees less than the next cheapest deal on line. ffline the difference was more than 10000/-.

  4. Got imported Samsung TV 40 inch ua40k5100ak at Rs 25200 from Gaffar Market, New Delhi. No warranty. Made in Egypt.

  5. Some companies like Kodak and InFocus, they sell their products only through online, I think it’s better to buy those TV’s, I bought two InFocus TV’s one is 24 and 32 inch still working good no issues, don’t buy old models always prefer fresh stock( it’s my personal opinion).

  6. I have bought 24 inch fhd videocon led tv from snapdeal since one month back service for installation is given by third party named ’24*7 around’. I have asked them they say we will give service to you and not videocon because we have tied up with snapdeal products.

  7. Hello Everyone,

    It is very subjective.. I had encountered problems with online purchases and hence would not recommend to buy online. People who were lucky may say good to buy online.

    Scenario 1: Micromax TV 40inch led from Amazon. No one picked up phone at call center. No response on email, finally after struggling for 10days had to approach 3rd part TV engineer for installation

    Scenario 2: Philips 32 inch led, Service engineer while installing clearly mentioned, No installation for online purchase, had to spend 1k for installation. TV unit worked for 8 months and then developed fault. Had to escalate/struggle for repair took almost 40days.

    So I would not recommend online purchase, better to go for offline even if bit costlier. you can bargain to get better deal.

    1. Flipkart provides installation free of charge and will also get the wall stand also .I bought an lg 32 inch tv for under 15k(offer).

  8. I also purchased micromax 40 inch led tv from amazon first. there were some scratches at the time of installation .they refunded complete amount in my account 2 days.
    Later I purchased same above tv from snapdeal .It worked fine for 6 months then there were issues in picture tube. Micromax company changed the led from new model of led in 10 days. Now it working for last 2 years. No issue now
    I do not feel there is no issue from online shopping.

  9. I am 100% sure the author or any other who have commented have actually faced any issue with their tv brought online. I bought Samsung led tv from flipkart for a discount. It worked well but within 6 months it developed display problem so I took it to service center, and to my surprise, they just refused to service it for free, saying that they dont provide warranty for online purchases. I had to shell out 8k for repairs.
    This article is totally misleading. I think not just tv but many electronic items are not covered under warranty when bought online.
    Mr Gogi, please have a look at this. And others who have visited service center, please share your views.

    1. Also I bought Yamaha home theater from reliance digital even if it was available for discount on amazon, simply because I rrad many reviews stating that though on amazon site it is mentioned that warranty of 1 year, service center just refused to honour any warranty to some consumers stating that online purchase does not carry any warranty.
      Please dont just assume that you will vet warranty. Real picture is totally different from your assumption.

    2. Yeah I heard similar incidents too though never face personally.

      Just a few question and points:

      I have saw amazon selling products which not meant to sell in India. i.e. My friend bought a pendrive or mouse in discount and the box clearly said “for sale in mainland china only”, in this case he was cheated by the seller actually.

      But what you are mentioning clearly a misleading fact. Actually those samsung service center guys just made you fool. If that TV is legal to sell in India then Samsung is bound to provide service in warranty period if the defect oriented from manufacturing.

      If you had asked them an written clarification why they dont want to provide warranty they just would have accepted your request because they knew they were cheating.

      So, just complain the same incident with Samsung and demand a compensation.

      1. Dude, there are plenty of companies out there which refuse to honour warranty for online purchases. Just came to even casio is doing same with their musical instruments.

        Samsung, yamaha, even there was news on gogi’s site that some mobile manufacturers also refusing to honour warranty on online purchases. Its their policy. Nobody is getting fooled here. There has to be a reason and that nobody is going to tell us clearly.

  10. Also,buy newer models less than 2-3 months old so that you can be sure it isnt old stock or used as ‘display set’

      1. Reputed site reputed brand (and decent verified purchasers’ review for that product) and good rating of the seller, then there is less than 1% chance to go wrong with any online purchase.

  11. Absolutely yes, even we got a 40 inch led smart tv in price range of 25m possible due to only online. In offline same tv has up to 5k costlier.

  12. Even offline shop not give after sale service, they provide service center address and contact detail. We have to contact directly to service center. Shop person is not provide any great service,they add their profit on price for free installation, and for this why should anyone pay more than 20% amount compare to online. If we purchase branded item only concern is that it should be ‘ORIGINAL’ one.

  13. Make sure the seller has good rating on that particular eCommerce site such as amazon. You may get an old stock unsold product which may have some defects. Do not except if seal is broken because it means it was opened for use by someone before.

  14. I have been buying regularly gadgets only online. The risk of after sales service is there, but branded companies have their own customer support policies. No issues. You can escalate to their headquarters in worst cases. But sure to register your purchase.

  15. I purchased Philips FHD 3D LED tv at 33K approx from snapdeal in 2013. Its running very well from date of purchase through offline price is 48K.