Today almost everything is available online. And the best thing is that you do find a lot of better deals online than from offline market. So is it safe to buy TV’s online? What about after sales / services? Read this article to know more.

Is it safe to buy TVs online?

Yes it is and you get the same warranty as you do when you buy offline. The warranty card will not have any stamp when you buy online as the box will be opened in front of you, also there is no need for a stamp on warranty card when you buy online, the Invoice is good enough. You will still need to retain the warranty card.

When a big product like TV is delivered, there are two things that can happen.

When installation is provided

If installation is provided the delivery guy will most likely drop the box at your place and ask you not to open the box, you can sign the delivery paper. After a day or two the installation personals will come from the company side (TV brand), they will open the box and do the installation. In case the authorized personal finds any damage to the TV, they will notify the company and you will get a replacement. Hence if installation is provided do not open the box, let the authorized personal do that.

Is it safe to buy TV's online? or should you buy it offline

When installation is not provided

In this case the delivery personal will ask you / or will open the box in your presence and ask you to check for scratches / other damages if any. If everything is all right you can sign the paper.

You see TV is a delicate product and if not transported properly it could easily get damaged. There were incidents before when the TV was delivered, the delivery personals would just sign and go away and when the customer opened the box they found damaged TV, broken screen etc.

In such a situation it was difficult to know who was responsible for the damage, the delivery guys or customer.

Hence from now on the new system has been incorporated as mentioned above. You also sign the paper that says no external damages.

When you buy TV from a store the warranty is handled by the company. Say if  you buy SONY TV, in case of issues you need to contact the SONY service center. The same rule applies for online too. If you buy says SONY TV, and if there is any issue later on you will need to get in touch with SONY service center.

So it is safe to buy online, but before you buy online make sure to check the price in offline market too.