An interesting idea for the iPhone has caught the fancy of netizens through a video that has gone viral on YouTube. The video had, at last count, more than 606,779 views and is still being shared on all the social networking sites. The short video simply depicts a hypothetical feature on the iPhone, where Siri – Apple’s artificial intelligence programme does something extreme to prevent data theft.

When an unknown person tries to use the phone, it doesn’t get locked. It almost ‘self-destructs’ in order to disable the handset. After 3 wrong passwords, the robotic Siri simply informs the user “Incorrect password. I am now going to disable the iPhone. Goodbye.” And the screen cracks!

The iPhone 4S already has the ‘remote wipe’ feature that instantly transfers all the data from your handset to iTunes in the event of a phone-theft. The data was then made available only to the actual owner. The feature was greatly appreciated as the pricey handset was attracting the eyes of mobile thieves. The video makes us assume that Siri has transferred all data to iTunes before ‘disabling’ the iPhone in that extreme manner. By such an extreme step, Siri would ensure the phone becomes useless and of no value for the thief.

Watch Siri in ‘self-destruct’ mode

It’s a simple concept but many iPhone users like it. Of course, there’s also the possibility that your 2yr old kid may start playing with it when you’re not around. If that happens, you can kiss the iPhone goodbye.

The simple yet interesting video was created by some folks who go by the name ‘Aatma Studio’. You might remember the iPad3 concept videos that were a rage some time back. Those videos were also the work of the same guys.

Watch their latest creation.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -