Apple has started selling the iPhone 4S unlocked version in Spain. Most probably the unlocked version of Apple iPhone 4S will also be made available in India and will carry a price tag starting from Rs. 41,000 onwards.

Most of the users who buy an iPhone will, at some point of time jailbreak (unlock) it so it can be used on any network of their choice. But now Apple is offering an option to either choose from the unlocked version or a locked version. However the unlocked version comes for an extra premium price.

The unlocked Apple iPhone 4S is selling from Euro 599 onwards in Spain. Taking clue from it the expected price in India (for the unlocked 4S) would be, 16 GB for Rs. 41,500, 32GB for Rs. 47,500 and 64GB for Rs. 55,500.

If there is a huge price difference between the unlocked version and the locked version then users may still buy the locked version and use one of the many options available to unlock it.

Well in India we will have to wait and watch.  Airtel and Aircel will be the first to launch it, probably a locked version on their respective networks.  There are still battery related problems on the iPhone 4S which has still not resolved, but this has not reduced the excitement.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -