Intex Fitrist review – another fitness band with OLED display

The Intex Fitrist is another fitness wearable device available in India for a price tag of ₹999. Like the other fitness devices this one too can keep track of your fitness activities, monitor your sleep and comes with an OLED display.

Fitrist Unboxing

Inside the box you will find the Fitrist band, user manual and charging dock (clip based connector).


Intex Fitrist is available in White and Blue colour options. Body is made of plastic and rubber – good build quality and finishing. The strap is made of soft rubber that looks good and comfortable to wear. There is a single button for options and on the rear side there are 3 charging points to connect the charging connector. There are stainless steel studs to secure the strap as per your wrist size. This fitness band weight is 22 grams and the band is water resistant to some extent.

Intex Fitrist review


This fitness band comes with a 0.86 inch OLED display supporting 96 x 32 pixels resolution. The screen is not at all visible under direct sunlight. And it’s not a touch screen, you will need to use the single dedicated button for options. It does not support gestures so to switch on the screen you need to press the button.

Intex Fitrist non-touch display OLED screen


You will need to download the Fitrist app from Google play or from Apple store. The Intex Fitrist is compatible with Android 4.3 and above / iOS 7.0 and above. After installing the app, run the app and follow the instructions to setup the device. To enter into pairing more press and hold the band button for few seconds.

Connecting issues

This band makes use of Bluetooth 4.0. As long as the app is open and you are within the Bluetooth range the band will stay connected with the smartphone. But if the band moves out of range or the app is closed the band will disconnect and you might face difficulties connecting to the app the next time.

A simple solution to this problem is to start the app, you will see the connecting text then press and hold the button on the band to enter pairing mode, that’s it the band will instantly connect.

There is no need to keep the band connected with the smartphone all the time, just connect it when you want to sync the data with the smartphone, may be once a day or after few days.

Intex Fitrist rubber strap

Performance and Accuracy

You need to understand how a fitness band works. There are certain sensors that will detect particular movement and software that will decided if that movement is to be counted. What you should be looking for is consistency and not accuracy. The same fitness band will give different results for different people depending on their style of walking.

Intex Fitrist button

If you start using the band directly without installing the software / updating the profile, you are going to get incorrect results. The first thing you need to do is enter proper profile data (check video review). Make sure the height and weight is enter properly and press the back button to exit the app so that the data is saved. Cross check if the data is saved before using the device. If you have made changed to the profile and if you do not exit the app or  close the app using other methods then the data will not be saved.

There is an option to change the stride value, by default it is 60cm. A stride is the longest step that one takes. You can change this value to get (near about) a more accurate reading.

What can this band do?

It can count steps, calories burned, distance travelled, your sleep pattern, can give you call / message alerts (when you get a call you will see the number on the band screen – band should be connected, if not connected to smartphone you will not get notifications), anti lost function, remote camera shutter, control media player, it will show date and time.

You can check step count on the band display itself or from the app. Calorie count will not match, so better check that on the app itself.

For camera remote function, start the app, tap the camera option and on the band press the button until you get the camera icon. Then press and hold the button for few seconds – then let go to click an image via your smartphone.

How to control / play music using Intex Fitrist band?

Start the app, make sure the band is connected, then press the button until you get the music icon. Once you get that press and hold the button for few seconds, you will then get the rewind, play, forward and back options. Single press the button to move between those options, long press to activate the selected option.


It takes less than 2 hours to fully charge the Intex Fitrist. This band lasted for up to 8 days on a single charge.

Intex Fitrist charging connector


Xiaomi Mi Band, is still the best fitness band available in the market for price of under ₹1000. Now that band comes without a screen. So in case you are looking for a band with a display screen, there are not many options available and this one, the Intex Fitrist is a good option.

Intex Fitrsit band is available for ₹999.

Fitrist Image Gallery

Intex Fitrist Fitness band video review


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