Freedom 651 a parody site that doesn’t ring a bell

I guess most of you are aware of the Freedom 251 smartphone and particularly the site from where one can order (or try ordering) the recently launched ultra low cost smartphone that even doesn’t have a prototype ready.

The whole thing has become a joke. There is another site obviously not from the Ringing Bells company, but in fact this is a parody site, just for fun, with no intention of making a smartphone or any plans to make one. Now this site is almost exact replica of the Freedom 251 website and on a funnier note it shows the freedom 651 handset for ₹651 with a don’t buy now button and delivery date is 30th June 2026 (through Drone).

Now there is nothing official about the freedom 651 site, in fact logically there is nothing official about the Freedom 251 too, anyway, if you have been pi**ed off with 251, relax, load the site, browse through and enjoy for now.

freedom 651 parody site

And don’t forget to hit the don’t buy now button.

The latest news is that the Ringing Bells company have the IT Department ringing on their door.


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