Infinix a new brand recently launched two handsets and entered the Indian markets. Here is the Infinix Note 4 review. This handset comes with a 5.7 inch screen, powered by octa core processor and priced at Rs. 8,999. Is it worth it and does it really competes with the Xiaomi smartphones in the same price category, check this review to know.

When I opened the Infinix Note 4 box (unboxing) it looked good, though heavy the overall build was very good. Screen was good, performance was smooth, I checked the camera first and was impressed but when I started the full review some things did not quite turned out as expected.

There is one problem on this handset and that is the processing power, it cannot play high end games in high quality mode, they clearly lag. This has to do with the FHD resolution plus a bigger screen on a MT6753 with Mali T720 GPU.

Infinix Note 4 review

Infinix Note 4 features and Review

Inside the box (unboxing the Infinix Note 4) :  Handset, data cable (USB to micro USB), travel charger 12V/1.5A, user guide, warranty card and a screen guard
SAR Value : less than 1.6 W/kg
Body : Handset is using a metal frame and the back cover that can be removed is made of plastic. The back cover looks quite attractive and shines from different angles. It also comes with a factory fitted protective film to prevent scratches. The back is curvy that helps get a good grip
SIM Type : Micro SIM + Micro SIM + Micro SD card slot
Weight and Dimensions : 202g, 8.4mm
Screen  :  5.7 inches, 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution, Viewing Angles are great and color reproduction is very good, touch is also pretty smooth
Connectivity :  4G, VoLTE (work on both SIM), WiFi, GPS and Bluetooth
Sensors : Accelerometer, Proximity, light, magnetic and gyro sensor
LED Notification : Yes
OTG : Yes supported
RAM : 3GB (about 2GB free on first boot)
ROM : 32GB (about 21GB free on first boot)
Micro SD : Yes 128GB MAX
OS : Android Nougat 7 with XOS

Infinix Note 4 back panel

Infinix Note 4 Performance

CPU :  MediaTek MT6753 Octa Core 1.3 GHz
GPU :  Mali T720
Heating : Medium
Max Battery Temperature : 38 degrees

Performance is good, but with heavy apps the handset tends to lag. When playing games again you can feel the lag. Battery temperature was well under control – max temp was 38 degrees.

Infinix Note 4 camera quality

Infinix Note 4  Benchmark

Antutu : 38183 / 5557
NenaMark3 :  56.9fps
Multi Touch : 5 points
Disk Speed : 86 MB/s read  and 136 MB/s write

Infinix Note 4 4300 mAh battery

Infinix Note 4  Gaming Review

Check the video review there in the gaming section you can clearly see how the Modern Combat 5 was lagging and Asphalt 8 was lagging in high quality mode, a little better in Medium quality mode.

Infinix Note 4 Slim design

Infinix Note 4  Camera  Review

Rear Camera : 13MP, auto focus, flash
Front Camera : 8MP, fixed focus
Video Recording : 1080p (FHD) resolution

The camera performance on the Infinix Note 4 was quite impressive. Day light as well as low light shots turned out great. The only issue that can be fixed via software update is the yellow tint visible in daylight shots. Otherwise the camera quality is excellent. Do check the low light shots below. Front camera also does a very good job.

Camera Rating : 4.1 out of 5

Infinix Note 4 camera samples

Infinix Note 4 camera sample hydrant Infinix Note 4 camera sample leaves Infinix Note 4 camera sample tree Infinix Note 4 camera sample clouds Infinix Note 4 camera sample longshot HDR Infinix Note 4 camera sample longshot Infinix Note 4 camera sample auto night Infinix Note 4 camera sample auto night HDR Infinix Note 4 camera sample manual night Infinix Note 4 camera sample manual 2 Infinix Note 4 camera sample selfie

Download Original Image files (right click and save) (do not use it for commercial purpose, without permission of

Other features

There is finger print sensor on the front, it is decently fast and accurate. You need to press the button to unlock when the screen is off / handset in standby mode. The sound output is very loud. No other issues found, Reliance Jio SIM works on both the SIM slots – but you cannot use 2 reliance SIM together.

Infinix Note 4 quality

Infinix Note 4  Battery Review

Battery capacity : 4300mAh (non-removable)
Charging Time : Charge – 1 hours 35 minutes from 20% to 100%; full charge estimated less than 2 hours
Battery Life : 5 to 8 hours non-stop (moderate to heavy)
Daily usage battery life : One to One and a Half days of mixed usage

Battery Test Results

Battery Temp at idle : 30 degrees
Running Benchmark app :
 10 minutes / 2% / 35 degrees
Asphalt 8  game play : 16 minutes / 5% / 38 degrees
FHD video playback with full brightness (WiFi /4G on) :  19 minutes / 4% / 36 degrees


The Infinix Note 4 is a good handset, a bit heavy but screen is good, UI is good though it has a lot of unwanted apps you might want to remove. The UI is different and will take some time getting used to. Camera is excellent, better than Redmi 4 / Redmi Note 4 in low light conditions, if you check the samples and compared it is slightly better. So camera just crosses the Excellent category. However the CPU / GPU performance spoils the fun.

Rating : 3.7 out of 5

Infinix Note 4  price in India is Rs. 8,999.

Published by Gogi Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -

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  1. Whenever I switched on my phone,the selfie flashlight also on but not as bright as the normal cameraflash light..I tried yo switched it off but still continue. What can I do please

  2. How can I get the program of infinix note 4.? Coz some of my files has deleted my infinix does not work in a proper. Pls help. Thanks.

  3. Hi Gogi, I bought infinix note4 yesterday But I find the pictures not clear, they look as if they have been zoomed, kinda blur. What should I do to fix the problem?

  4. Infinix note 5 is unveiling tomorrow… Flipkart exclusive with helio p23 with dual 4g VoLTE/VILTE support, 12 mp rear, 20 mp front with AI support..4500mAh battery claims 3 day battery life, 6″ fhd 18:9, fp sensor…
    These are some details flashed on their website yesterday…
    Anybody noticed friends?

  5. gogi ji i am using infinix note 4 for 15 days. i have a little problem when i am playing mp3 without earphone after sometime the sound becomes breaking but it becomes clear after turning on the screen

  6. My infinix note 4 pro hanged yesterday until now the screen is not responding what’s the solution am pissed off coz it’s only one month since I purchased it.Kindly inbred of ur response

    1. That is not major problem, go to service center with onvoce, he will solve the problem in 20 minits with Free

  7. I was looking for the camera type using what? I mean like Lenove it using Sony type. So the result of images are impressive. I just bought this phone 2 days ago but when i compare with Lenovo K6 Power it seems the camera quality lower. Also Infinix doesn’t support VR yet and the processor type just too old no different with previously. Could you please help me to search for it? I google it but not showed any results

  8. My infinix note4 is restarting automatically
    Whenever I put my mobile in my pocket
    I am using jellycase which came in that box
    Please reply me as soon as possible

  9. Notification light is not appearing? why ? If the option is available in the handset How to enable this facility ?

  10. Gigi G

    I’m regularly watching your reviews since you have started this website and bought so many mobiles based on your review, but I bought this mobile on 8th October based on your review, I found second Sim slot is only for 2g even 3g is not coming, how your review mobile got both Sim slot 4g. And there is no option to change the 4g network for second Sim.

      1. No, I put only the jio Sim in second slot, but it was not supported. And there is no option to change the network settings.

  11. i want to purchase the infinix note4 but whether it would work properly or not i am very much scared of investing that much of amount as once i have already had an experiece of being cheated so please share if you have any idea or experience

    thank you

  12. Facing issue during app download from play store….volte jio netwrok irs full.Able to carry out video calling.

  13. Most of the time Apps not downloading from play store….
    simply it says waiting for network, even when there is full 4G network available and YouTube videos streams at 1080P like water…

    Only way to fix this is, we have to do a rebooting…
    now everytime we need to download a new app in a day, we can’t restart the device right?? so what’s the problem actually here… please solve it…

    Now a days restarting the mobile doesn’t solve the app download problem.. So it means you can’t even download a single App from play store.

    there are so many bugs in this UI. even it’s automatically rebooting once daily….

    Yellow yellow photos taken by rear camera is so bad..

    Ram management is worst even in comparison to Xiaomi.

    So many bloatwares and most importantly you can’t uninstall or disabled them ::(

    Batter Darins so fast!! Max SOT I got 7 hours but Minimum I got only 3.5 Hours with full brightness… So sad…

    Fingerprint scanner misses 5 out of 10 times… So serious issue this one….

    Again home button is really a hard button to press all the time… So pathetic and time waste…

  14. Hello Gogi. I have purchased this phone day before yesterday but still I am unable to make any call from my jio sim into this phone. No VOLTE sign showing on top right corner however I can access the data 4g in it. Is there anything that I need to activate in order to use 4g VOLTE in it. Please suggest me something.
    Expecting a response ASAP


    1. If you are using Jio SIM for first time you need to enable data for the SIM work (need this just first time).

  15. Thank u gogi for the advice I just do some setting in battery optimization I mean I first optimized battery setting for all apps but after your advice for reset I just click on do not optamize battery for youtube, MX player, video player and it really started working fine and all video frame drops and lags disappeared. Thanks
    It’s my advice who are facing video frame drops and lags in full HD video playback please remove battery optimization setting for particular app in battery setting. Thank u

  16. Hi gogi I have been using infinix note 4 since last week I m facing a problem whenever I play full HD video on YouTube I experience frame drops and lags and after that, YouTube stops working and I have to restart the phone then I can play YouTube. Is anyone facing same problem or not? Is it a hardware or software issue?

    1. Seems like either hardware of software issue, if there are any updates apps / OS pls update. If that does not solve try a factory reset and see. And if that does not help the get the handset checked at service centre. If you are using a micro SD card try removing the card and see.

  17. I am planning to buy Infinix Note 4. I have read several opinions posted on the net. No one talks about the wifi and hotspot functions. As a man on the move mostly, I will certainly want a mobile that offers real good hotospot functionality. Thanks.

  18. My friend brought IN4(INFINIX NOTE 4)
    It has video framedrop problem are my unit is facing this problem are everyone is facing this pls tell anyone otherwise I will return it

    1. It’s my advice who are facing video frame drops and lags in full HD video playback please remove battery optimization setting for particular app in battery setting. Thank u

  19. The phone has some software issue. First of all call drops if by mistake I touch the side switch. Second I cannot delete or add contacts. I can only hide the same. Photos or videos which I received from whatsapp cannot be shown on gallery. I also not able to delete chat history. Please help.

  20. I am using thr e phone since last 5 my view, its the best phone available in the sub10k category. Both camera is awesome.As said in the review, may be heavy gamer will feel the lagging problem but for a moderate user there is no issue.

    Must go for it.

  21. I am interested in this phone ,can anyone suggest me is it good choice ,My concern is only multitasking (smooth handling of day to day apps ),Not for gaming ?

  22. After reading your review, I ordered a infinix note 4(Milan black colour) today.
    Keeping my fingers crossed to see how it will perform. Now I am using a Redmi 3s prime.

  23. Gogi Ji, Does the screen comes with scratch resistant glass like gorilla glass or any other?

    1. No gorilla glass, just minor scratch protection that usually most smartphone provide these days.

      1. Yes i agree most brands do this.

        But we have to be proud of Gogi Ji, who is reviewing each and every device for us with unbiased reviews so that we get to know the pros and cons of each device and the way it stands out from the competitors.

        Thank you so much Gogi Ji

  24. Disk Speed : 86 MB/s read and 136 MB/s write

    Quite low. This will make the phone lag like hell within few months!

    Like they say “A chain is only as strong as the weakest link”

  25. If u are a heavy gamer than go with redmi otherwise it is better than redmi note 4 ,redmi 4 etc also it doesn’t feel heavy. Screen quality as well as size, battery and camera are excellent.

  26. Does the phone multitask better/worse than SD430? I’m using Redmi 3s Prime and I’m wondering if it would be a decent upgrade relative to the processing/multitasking ability.

  27. U have mentioned earlier about the processor, as hd resolution does well on this… Well it’s bulky and laggy. Lenovo note 5 is better option as it got price cut… Well plz correct battery section spelling mistakes Gogiji

    1. K5 Note has network issues, VOLTE disappears with network, you have to either restart or disable and enable the 4G sim, camera too isn’t as impressive as this one and point to remember Note too uses the mediatek octacore processor, don’t expect games to run as smoothly.

  28. Most awaited review of recent times for me. Gogi sir i don’t play heavy games i only play candy crush or similar games that too occasionally. Can i go with this one??? Is it good for day to day task???

    1. Gogi Bro this is indeed a kool step everyone here ask for review, be it any make or launch and 8 out of 10 times you have to buy it for review. so those ppl who like it and interested in buying that particular new handset reviewed by you can get it in discounted rate as compare to market rate. I would like to suggest that you can also add a used handset section as many ppl tend to buy the new ones as it launches in market, also some are looking for a back up handset. so hope you think abt it.