Infinix Brand has entered the Indian markets, they launched two smartphones and here is the Infinix Note 4 Unboxing video and first impression. I bought this handset from Flipkart and choose the Blue color variant.

Unboxing Infinix Note 4

The box pack looked good and was unique. Slide to open to unveil the Note 4 smartphone and then flip the box and at the bottom there is a sticker, remove it, there you will find access to all other accessories. Check the unboxing video (in Hindi) to get a better idea.

Infinix Note 4 key specifications are clearly mentioned on the box.  The SAR value is not mentioned but it says less than 1.6. Inside the box you will get user manual, warranty card, data cable (USB To Micro USB), silicon case, screen guard and fast travel charger (max – 12V / 1.5A).

Infinix Note 4 unboxing

First Impression

The handset is heavy weight is around 202 grams, acceptable, easy to hold and screen looks good. Build quality is very good. Infinix Note 4 is using a metal frame but the back panel / cover is made of plastic. The plastic back with shinny look gives a premium feel.

If you look closely the back cover also has got a factory fitted film for scratch protection, so better use the silicon case for added protection. Since the back is plastic, and the back cover is removable it is easy to remove. The 4300 mAh battery inside is non-removable.

Infinix Note 4 full review coming soon.

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  1. Phone is out of stock at various pincode I tried from night 12 itself. Seems like gimmick to me. I tried delhi, Bangalore pune pincode. If anybody got please let me know. 10% discount seems good for this phone. I’m just normal user. Good battery calls and news, msg, browser is good for me. Don’t care about mediatek or Snapdragon. My Mi5 hangs like shit for every touch Operation. Xiaomi can go to hell for all I care.

    1. Bro even i tried the same,for most of the pincodes its showing out of stock olyy. .all gimmick

  2. Recently some YouTuber has said these new smartphone makers are approaching reviewer for positive reviews in exchange of MONEY(PAID REVIEW). Does these people contact u, if Yes what are your response to them?

    1. Very few brands give review units with no terms, some ask how much is the charge, I don’t charge – I tell them, usually brands that are not confident about their product do that. In most cases I pay to do reviews, buy handsets.

      1. Hi Gogi bro, when can we expect full review in English… Please let us know I am using the mobile for past 4 days and all looks good for daily use however, as you said running high end games have some lag….

    2. Few branded tech sites may do that, which have to run a corporate office and feed the staff. If you see positive reviews for crap or flop items, you can judge yourself.

  3. Videos in YouTube seem to be much sharper compared to other full HD phones. However, I feel that the video play from YouTube or SD card is sometimes jerky. Not sure whether this is a problem with my set only. Also, colors seem oversaturated and cannot be reduced. Can you confirm please?

    1. some people sell item to get profit so how u can say its not in race……i am going to buy this in next sell….its a perfect smartphone and gogi bhai will upload his review soon…

      as i know people are just waiting for camera review…….guys what u need to know about this new entry…?

    1. only display is bigger and better in infinix note 4 that is 5.7 inch and full hd. Everything else is better in Redmi 4.

      1. Is it?
        You missed…
        1. Fast charging
        2. Dedicated SD card slot
        3. Gorilla glass
        4. 4300 battery

        1. 5. Better design (personal opinion though)
          6. Sound output is better.
          7. Removable back cover. If the company launches spare back cover it well be useful.
          8. Front camera is better and back is same in both.
          9. Latest security patch
          10. Beautiful box!!! lol!!

          Infinix note 4 is a pretty solid device for daily use, web browsing, social media, YouTube and low end to mid end gaming.
          Though it is not recommended for heavy gamers still it is s perfect combination of both specs and features.

    1. No its not I bought it in first sale and I can assure you that it will not feel heavy. I am using redmi note 4 and as the screen size in infix is bigger its good and not heavy.

  4. Looks Good for me specially added memory card slot and 4300 Mah battery. If Gogi Sir’s review came on positive side than i will surely buy it. All depends on Gogi’s review..

  5. Gogi… nothing so special with this smartphone, overall a compromised smartphone I can say. There are only couple of things to flaunt like first thing is the screen, which is made by SHARP and the next is the fast charger.

    One more variant is the Note 4 pro, let’s see what it has got to offer.

  6. want to know camera performance and its comparison to cool 1 and Honor 6x. Also user interface is close to stock android or resource heavy like miui?

    1. Dual camera setup cannot be compared to single camera setup, unless something like Open Plus or Google Pixel.

      1. One plus and Google pixle fall in totally different price category….that is 3-4 times higher. I am comparing phones that are priced close to each other. Last year’s Moto g4 plus that had single camera is as good as budget duel camera phones if you don’t consider bokeh effect of duel camera.

  7. First impression is definitely tempting. Eager to read full review before buying this one.. Gogiji plz mention the xui features.. whether it is rich in customisation