iBall launched a low budget iBall Slide i701 windows powered tablet in the Indian market. This tablet with a 7 inch screen with HD resolution is running Windows 8.1 and is priced at Rs. 4,999. Consumers will also get a free HDMI cable and 3 protective covers as per the special offer.

The iBall Slide i701 is powered by Intel ATOM quad core processor (Z3735G) clocked at 1.8GHz, running Windows 8.1 out of the box. iBall had mentioned that this tablet will get the Windows 10 upgrade. There is built in 16GB of internal storage spaced and users can use the micro SD card slot to add another 64GB space. Built in RAM is 1GB (DDR3).

The i701 also comes packed with VGA camera on the front and a 2MP fixed focus camera with LED flash on the rear. Key features are Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and HDMI port. OTG is supported and users can connect USB dongle with 3G access.

iBall Slide i701quad core tablet

The iBall Slide i701 with a 3200 mAh battery is priced at Rs. 4,999 with free 3 interchangeable covers worth Rs. 599 and Fee HDMI cable worth Rs. 699. Slide i701 is now available on Amazon.in.

Published by Gogi Rana

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  1. please anyone tell, can I connect a Printer in this win tab .
    I have a Hp deskjet printer.
    I saw video of this tab on YouTube. where it wasn’t supporting a printer but in that video that guy had already connected a keyboard, a mouse, a dongle and pendrive all at same Time and tried to connect a printer to thats why I am not sure …
    please tell abt it’s printer connectivity…

  2. I purchased it. At around 4500,it supported all windows .exe file. Also win8 app. ms office 13, but after installing office memory is just 2.5 gb free. Also screen is not so good but at this price it is ok. U connected all devices ie. dongle, harddisk, pen drive, hdmi tv, another laptop’s screen it has Bluetooth to connected android phone.. It does not have led, camera is worst. Sound quality is good. Multitasking is good.

  3. Gogi, please give your style full review as soon as possible and also check if we can use this as laptop by connecting keyboard etc. Also check how is the screen quality in terms of colours saturation etc. please I am thinking of to buy this tab…….

  4. I just ordered iBall Slide i701 Tablet, it will be in stock on 28th and I will get it between 1 to 3 June 2015.

  5. I have also placed order today (23-05-2015) just to see how IBall managed such windows tablet with HD screen at 4999/-. I hope it can support USB tethering so that I can use my mobile 3g internet . Gogi bhai,, what u say…. What would be the limitations with this tablet??

      1. @Gogi:Yes you’re very right.Same 1gb ram and 1.2 ghz SD processor tab is sold by stupid L.G for a whooping price of 21k!

    1. @SANJAY: Pls after getting your Iball i701 Tablet could u pls check and clear my following doubts:
      1) If incase u too hav an hardisk,Can u pls check whether it supports 2.5 Inch 1T.B Portable External
      Hardisk Via OTG?Or some extra power is needed
      to mount it with an extra power bank attached
      via Y-cable to the 1 TB PORTABLE Hardisk.
      2)Yes it has a full version of win 8.1 but still I doubt whether it supports NTFS Formatted
      portable hard disk and .exe files installed like as
      we do on a normal laptop.Also pls say how much user internal memory and ram available?
      3)It seems like it supports 3G dongle via OTG,but I
      hav a 4G Airtel unlocked so I hav doubt that if I
      insert my 4G dongle via OTG then whether .exe,drivers and installation files pop up so that I
      could install those appropriate drivers like the
      same way we do in a normal laptop which
      inturn will make my 4g dongle work via otg.
      4)I found out in google search that this intel
      chipset is capable of playing 4k videos,is it really true?
      5)Is there any screen guard in the box or atleast a preliminary/temporary screen guard like something preinstalled on the tablet’s screen?
      6)How is the tablet’s screen and touch responsiveness?Is it up to the mark?
      7)If incase it doesn’t com with screen guard or preliminary screen guard can the screen withstand scratches on normal usage?Or else a screen guard is a must for this tab?
      8)How is the build quality,can it last for years?
      9)How is the speaker output and how is in earphones sound quality?
      10)How much battery backup on moderate and
      heavy usage conditions!

      Vry sry to ask way too many qns,pls try to answer my
      queries ,thanks in advance!

      1. Even without owning the device, I can answer some of these questions.
        1) It will certainly support a hard disk with NTFS formatting but external power may have to be provided(but not necessarily. For the Acer Iconia, it is not required but for the Dell Venue Pro, it is required) But even for a USB drive without a separate power plug, there may be a simple workaround with a USB hub.
        2) Exe and Msi files can be installed.
        3) Any damn dongle can be plugged in. The effect will be exactly the same as a PC.
        4) I don’t know if this chipset can play 4k videos but I don’t think that any of the pleasure of watching a 4k video will be evident on a 1024×600(not even HD!) screen

        Now let me make some general comments. You can make your own decision afterwards
        1) As far as using your 4g dongle is concerned, my advice is to get a good Wifi hotspot like the TP-Link MR3040. Best solution both for home and away use. You can keep the dongle switched on permanently and switch on Wifi when you please when you are at home. So instant internet rather than plugging on the dongle, connecting again and again and all that nonsense. Also the irritation of a dangling dongle when you’re using your tablet! For this solution, a Windows PC is not required. An Android tablet can access Wifi internet just as well.

        2) Don’t compare Android and Windows as tablet operating systems. Not only are many apps missing in the Metro UI(even the newer social media sites like FriendLife), but what is there lacks many features. The Adobe Reader does not even have a night mode! And there are no free apps for reading even the djvu format. You’re stuck trying to work Windjvu(the desktop program) with touch commands. Plus there is no question of sideloading apps or reversing a bad update. If a given update to an app withdraws a certain feature that you liked, you cannot go back to a previous version by having backed up the apk file as you can do easily in Android.

        If you’re looking for a tablet only, something like the Lenovo Tab 2 A-10 at the same price is much better value for money.

        3) The heart of any Windows device is not the Metro UI but the underlying desktop OS. And as that is not optimized for touch use, a moderately large screen is essential for using it. On my Acer Iconia w4-820 with its 8 inch screen, it is still a struggle. On a 7-inch tablet, it will be much more irritating.

        4) Further with only 16 gb of internal storage to start with, you will only have about 3 gb at most left to you. Even on the 10 k iBall model, people find that the available storage goes down to just 600 mb after applying updates! Even though the external storage is left to you, the system will not be very stable.

        5) Again the real joy of Windows is programs like Adobe Photoshop, Visual Studio and others. Such programs need a certain amount of RAM. On a 1 gb RAM device, running such programs, even if possible, will be far too frustrating.

        6) The cheapest guaranteed good experience with a Windows tablet is the Acer Iconia w4-820 32 gb at 13 k and the 64 gb version which I recommend is just 16 k on Snapdeal.

        7) I’m not telling you not to buy this device, but if you buy it, it should be in a spirit of experiment and adventure. Not looking for any kind of guarantees.

        1. @Shyam: Thanx a lot for the answers.I hav 5k budget only so wen considering value for money and specs ratio,only I ball i701 Tablet wins.Will order it most probaby after May 28th!

          1. Madhan, I ordered this tablet, but delivery will be late, as they will have stock on 29th May and their estimated delivery at my address is 1 to 3 June.

          2. @Gogi: Thanx a ton for ordering. Then I will better wait for your great review and then decide if it satisfy my needs then I will buy it. Pls try to check my above mentioned 10 queries,thanks in Advance!

    2. @Sanjay: If incase you don’t like this Iball tablet then u can always send back this to Amazon and get a refund within a window of 10 days from the delivery date.For more details call Amazon India csc!

  6. @Gogi:Lolz,I don’t knw how but again only 1 left in stock with that 1 free hdmi cable and 3 free back covers offers appeared so as I don’t want to miss this time I quickly phoned and asked my frnd,he ordered it for me via laptop as I couldn’t order this product alone in my Old is Gold Nokia 5230. Expected delivery date for me is May 29th to Jun 2nd. Now waiting to see how it performs!

  7. @Gogi: I am surprised to see it is out of stock now.Thinking that I should have placed my order yesterday itself. I am just wondering hav u ordered it for a review,gogi?

      1. @gogi: It’s ok every time u can’t buy with your money and review for us na.I cancelled my order just b’caus the same 3 free cases and free 1 Hdmi cable will also be available for stocks that com after May 28th and also I want to see customer reviews and decide whether it’s suits my need and then will finally decide to buy it.

  8. @Gogi: I called up Amazon to enquire abt this product,they are saying sir why don’t u try buying this?Inform us within 10 days and whatever may be the reason we will collect the product and give u full refund.So should I go on and try this product or not?Pls help I don’t hav laptop that’s why thinking of buying it and use my portable 1 T.B hardisk in it to play videos and not to mention this Intel chipset is capable of playing 4k videos.I am planning to use it with normal working apps and browsing.Also thinking of buying yureka b’caus i got 15k refund for zenfone2 from Flipkart.I don’t knw if it’s radiation problem or something in zf2,I faced severe headache and pain,dizziness,eye pain while using zenfone 2.But Flipkart refund me as there was a gap in the upper middile portion in the newly replaced zf2.If incase u hav a software defect then Flipkart will not accept your claims,they will stupidly check with their idiotic smart check app.Here aferwards I will go with Amazon India,their policies are great which will highly satisfy customer’s!

    1. Hi if they are offering refund, then go ahead. Did they say this via email or verbally? better if you have an official email proof saying the same.

      1. @Gogi: It was a verbal conversation with Amazon India customer care.He also said that all Amazon fullfilled electronic products has got 10 days easy refund policy.Ya u are right I will better ask them via mail so that I can shown them the proof if incase any issue occurs.I will ask them via mail and if they give the same ans then I will try buying it after May 31st bcaus on May 31st I hav govt exam so If I buy now then I will most probably waste my time in using the tab!

  9. Gogi, will you be doing a review of this tablet?

    It would be nice to get a pro opinion….

  10. windows cheaper than android … not possible…. there must be something wrong in this tab

  11. @gogi: Can we connect 2.5 inch portable external hardisk?Or some extra power is need to connect 2.5 inch portable external hardisk to it? How many ports available? As its windows so I think NTFS Format will be supported.

  12. Two points to make
    1) Don’t buy this if all you are looking for is a tablet. As a tablet OS only, Windows 8.1 is nowhere comparable to Android.
    2) For a PC, you need a minimum of 32 gb of internal storage for stability and a minimum of 2 gb of RAM and ideally a 8 inch screen at least because desktop Windows is difficult enough to operate through touch commands on a 8 inch screen. At the moment, the Acer Iconia W4 32 gb is selling for just 13 k(and the 64 gb for 16 k on Snapdeal) Standard brand and reliable. If you try to compromise too much on the price, you will get a device that is bad at everything. You will not be saving 8 k, you will be throwing away 5 k.

    And don’t be fooled by this Windows 10 business. The reason Microsoft is offering W10 for free for the first year is so more people can use it and point out bugs and problems and suggestions for improvement and then use this feedback to improve their OS which they will then sell for an awful lot of money next year. You are not getting anything for free except the chance to be Microsoft’s Guinea pig.

        1. hp stream 7 is available for around same price too in other countries. This is a standard lowend price of windows tablets chinese or not.

    1. If Microsoft is giving windows 10 for free then we should not argue too much. Hackers will anyway create a crack/patch to make it totally free to use for everybody.

    2. I disagree on first point. There is enough number of apps and things to make it as good as Android.

      1. If it was as good as Android, there would be plenty of Windows RT tablets floating around, wouldn’t there? If there can offer so many cheap Windows 8.1 tablets, RT tablets could be even cheaper and lighter on resources. As it is, Windows RT tablets have practically ceased to exist. Even Microsoft are now only launching devices with full 8.1 Plus there are annoying restrictions such as no chance of sideloading apps or reverting to a previous version of a software which means that if you get a bad update, you are stuck with it until they fix it. Apps are also more expensive and even for READING djvus for example, you have to either buy a tablet optimized app or use a desktop program in an awkward way with touch commands. Even the touch interface is very inconvenient compared to Android. The situation will likely improve with W10 because Microsoft are providing a blueprint to developers to convert their iOS and Android apps into corresponding Windows apps. But the lack of basic freedom and poor interface will remain a problem. The Metro UI will never be as good as Android or even close.

        And as far as W10 is concerned, it will probably be great eventually(about 18 months or so) but for the moment most of the nice things about it are in theory only. And when it is actually good in practice, it will no longer come cheap.

        1. The reason that RT tablets ceased to exist was because it was a reduced functionality OS. This tablet supports full-fledged Windows 8.1 Desktop OS, which makes it a very capable animal. I’m already using another 8″ tablet, and its a delight to run all my PC apps on a tablet.

  13. This is excellent pricing by iball for a windows tablet.

    Practically just add a wireless mouse and keyboard and you get the features of a desktop. Even on small screen many would find it quite convenient.

    Iball also has a Windows phone iball andi 4l which at 4K provides good value for money

  14. very good pricing. iball is number 1 tablet brand in India. Support for 3G dongles via USB port is great for windows tab all in all paisa wasool tab.

  15. Gogi bro, you made small mistake, Amazon listing show it’s support sdcard upto 64GB and it have 1.83Ghz Quad core Intel Atom Processor Z3735G.

      1. Actually it is supposed to hit 1.83 GHz only in burst mode. It will normally work only at a click speed of 1.33 GHz.

    1. Yes they can be connected. you will just need a micro usb to full USB converter

  16. gogi ji is this normal windows with desktop compatible apps
    or some crap RT version ?

    1. I am not sure but recent query on Amazon.in where the product is available they answered that all PC software’s are compatible.

  17. Will you be reviewing it? In windows 8.1 in this tablet are we able to install .exe files like regular laptop with windows 8.1.

      1. It’s not HD.It’s qHD 1024×600. Thats the only thing which stops me from buying this tab.

          1. Full HD is 1920×1080. This is just a little higher than qHD, but definitely NOT Full HD. Interestingly, on a screen this small, you won’t be able to tell much of a difference.

  18. Only 5k wow great pricing office 365 free??and what about display resolution

  19. Everything i like except kareena kapoors signature in this brand . If they took extra 1k or 1.5k for 2gigs or ram and 5000mah or 6000mah battery it will be rock .