Swipe Ultimate 3G is a 10.1 inch tablet that comes with a complimentary magnetic case with integrated keyboard. You can use this tablet like a tablet or connect the keyboard and convert it into a netbook. What’s more it is running Windows 8.1 that gives you the same experience like working on a desktop or a laptop.

Inside the box
The box contains the tablet, free magnetic cover with integrated keyboard, OTG cable, warranty card and power adapter.

Design, Display and OS
The tablet it big, it sports a 10.1 inch screen, it is 10.28mm thick and quite heavy. The weight with battery is 644 grams and with the flip keyboard case it is 984 grams. It is black colour on the rear with matte finish plus circular textures, the material used on the rear feels like rubber, it gives a very good grip.

There is a single touch sensitive button on the front with the Windows logo. Audio jack and USB 3.0 port is placed on the left side. There are dual speakers placed on left and right side. At the bottom there is 5 pin connector to connect the keyboard. On the top side there is a power button and volume rocker. And on the right side you will find the micro USB port, mini HDMI port, DC in, Mic and micro SD plus Micro SIM card slots.

Swipe Ultimate 3G 2 in 1 tablet box pack

You can use a Micro SIM with 3G support. This tablet does not support phone functionality. There is LED notification light on the front.

The screen is 10.1 inches IPS capacitive LED back-lit display supporting 1280 x 800 pixels resolution. Viewing angles are good, touch is smooth and responsive. Screen supports 10 point multi touch.

Swipe Ultimate 3G 2 in 1 tablet review and unboxing

The Swipe Ultimate tablet is running Windows 8.1 (licensed version). Microsoft Office 365 comes pre-installed, you will need to activate it and can use it for free up to 1 year from the date of activation.

Memory and Storage
There is 2GB on-board DDR3L RAM and 32GB internal storage. There is limited internal storage, but you can use micro SD card of up to 64GB and also connect pendrive / external Hard disk via the 3.0 USB port or micro USB port.

Swipe Ultimate 3G review

Swipe Ultimate is powered by 1.3GHz Intel ATOM Baytrail (Z3735F) quad core processor with Intel HD graphics. Performance is smooth and lag free. This is running windows 8.1 – you will get the same experience as seen on a desktop and laptop. And just like on your desktop/laptop you can install application / execute exe files.

The hardware can play low end games – best suited for office work (word / excel / power point), checking emails, social networks, surfing and for entertainment.

I tried playing 4K videos and it did work. Sound is loud and clear. There is built in Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth.

A 5MP auto focus camera is packed on the rear without LED flash and a 2MP on the front. Camera quality is not that great. Check the sample image at the end. Rear camera can shoot 1080p videos at 15 fps. Video sound recording is also pretty low.

Swipe Ultimate 3G 2 in 1 tablet 5MP camera

The screen is barely visible under direct sunlight. The flip cover comes with integrated keyboard, it gets power from the tablet itself. Check the video review on how to connect the keyboard.

Swipe Ultimate 3G 2 in 1 tablet flip cover with keyboard
Swipe Ultimate 3G 2 in 1 tablet flip cover with keyboard

The tab gets power from a 7000 mAh built in battery. Battery performance is very good you can expect about 6 to 9 hours of continuous usage. There is no built in light sensor – you will need to manually control the brightness, keep it at lowest comfortable level for better battery performance.

It took about 2 hours to charge from 7% to 50%, It took 4 hours 5 minutes to charge up to 95%.

For the price tag of Rs. 16,250 [Price has been updated to Rs. 18,991] the tablet looks quite tempting. Key advantage is Windows 8.1, a 10.1 inch screen and complimentary keyboard that converts the tablet into a netbook.

A good buy for the price – Swipe Ultimate 3G 2 in 1 tablet is available on Snapdeal for Rs. 16,250.

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Rear camera sample

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  1. Hi, I want to purchase this tablet / laptop, I found some bad reviews like it stopped working after few days and touch screen not working. Also support from the company is not good.

    Would you please guide me can I take this or you will suggest me any good 2 in 1 laptop cum tab which I can use for my work? I am a blogger and I want a option for my laptop in travel.

    My budget is 15K please suggest me a good product please? I prefer windows based tablet with 3g and camera.

    Thanks in advance

  2. Hi sir,
    Can we connect an external DVD writer to this swipe ultimate 3g. Your reply would help me a lot. Please let me know.

    Thank you in advance

  3. My question is can I use any .exe file or software in this. If it can. Then it is very good.

  4. Yaar bhai do me a favour, can I do c programming and java programming on this laptab?

    1. You can but not very comfortable using onscreen keyboard, better use a external keyboard.

  5. Gogi bhai,

    can I attach external hard drive of 500 GB with this device?
    I am also confused between this and iBall WQ 149. Please suggest which will be a good choice?

    1. It is kind of a PC a netbook so everything that you can do on your PC can be done but do note that the hardware is using less power so if you are attaching devices that are drawing more power from USB then it may not work. However if the device has its own external power source then no issue.

      1. Thanks bhai, but one last question, which one is better among this and iBall WQ149 as I need such a device on which I can access MS Outlook and access my mails with easy portability.

        1. Yes you can access MS Outlook and both using same hardware go for which is cheaper / look for extra feature / design.

  6. Hi gogi sir ,
    I watch you video review on this tab in youtube &it was quite cool…..
    I just want know about its ppi (pixel per inch) .
    In some websites like 91mobiles, etc its shows 149 ….
    Is it true or not.. & does it cause major issue in display or inn fonts size .
    Plz tell me.
    Thank you

  7. Hi sir. What should I choose between these 4 if my preference is reading,no speed lag and good battery backup?
    1.Swipe ultimate 3g 2 in 1
    2.Micromax Canvas Laptab
    3.Notion ink Cain 10 2 in 1
    4.iball wq149r/i

  8. Hi Gogi,
    Does the Swipe Ultimate 3g support Sensors like compass

  9. Dear Gogi,

    Thanks for an excellent review of Swipe Ultiamte 2 in 1 tabtop. I have ordered one for 18,499/- Rs from Snapdeal with 3G, Voice Calling feature.

    Just 2 queries;

    1) Comparing to iBall WQ149 which has 64 bit processor, Swipe Ultimate has 32 bit processor. How will it make a difference (If any).

    2) I gone through few other reviews. It was mentioned that Swipe Ultimate 2 in 1 tablet gets heated up now and then whatever we do; Browsing, Play game or Watch video. How true it is from your hands on experience on this tablet?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Tushar, all devices get heated up when you are using it when playing games / watching movies. As for browsing that also depends on if you are downloading something. You see when the CPU / GPU is performing at it max and that too continuously (Games etc) the devices will heat up. The heat up will be less when browsing and playing movies.

      1. Thank you so much for reply Gogi. Today I got my Swipe Ultimate tablet from Snapdeal. Seems good. But it doesn’t have Microsoft 365 installed on it. How can I get it (I have 1 year subscription free with this tablet)? Also do we need to install any antivirus (for ex Quickheal) seperately on the tablet? Please let me know.

  10. Though the specs are great for Swipe products, their service us really very very very poor. I bought their Swipe Slash 4x Android tab attracted by the specs and reasonable price. But the screen was so fragile (OGS) it broke on slight impact. For service they took nearly 3 months that too I had to fight with them for even on payment replacement. Now, the screen is broken again and the tab is switching off frequently even after full charge. I just threw the tab away uninterested to fight with them again. Such is their pathetic service. So, friends my strong request is not to get lured by the product specs of Swipe which is a faltu company.

  11. I wanna ask something..

    Can we install .exe files like PC or do we have to install apps from the windows store like the windows mobiles?

    Please reply as I want to buy a nice Tablet for my father and I am a little bit confused about what to buy. Any other suggestion is also appreciated.

    1. This tablet can run .exe files as on your computer.
      and you always have an option to download some of your favourite apps from windows store too.

      1. Thank you!!

        Can you suggest me if I should go for this Windows tablet or Android tablet.

        My father will mainly need –

        # Bigger screen
        # 3G SIM (No dongle)
        # Good battery
        # He will mainly read newspapers
        # keyboard is preferable (he is not so much proficient with touchscreen)

        For these reasons I was going for a tablet cum PC as it will much more portable.

        So if anyone can suggest me any good product under INR 20,000

  12. gogi sir,
    sorry for posting it again.
    If we put a sd card,is there any option like, can we move apps to sd card, downloading apps will install in SD card? like some android mobile. or SD card slot is just for loading songs and videos?

    1. I have not checked that but I think you will be able to install apps on external storage it is similar to as used on the PC, whatever you can do on PC you can do the same on this tablet. But do note that if you remove the external card on which the app was installed it could cause issue.

    2. I doubt if you will be able to load modern apps to SD card. But normal PC apps can be loaded to SD card easily.

      You can download the portable apps suite from portableapps.com and get everything you need installed on SD card easily

  13. HI Gogi,
    Can you please review asus x205? I need a low cost laptop with good battery backup for work purpose to use Ms office applications, social media, picasa etc and I will need to use a external hard drive. I cannot find any review of asus x205 which covers these things.

  14. Gogi Sir, since the resolution seems low (1280*800) does the screen look pixelated ? Or is it OK for normal work ?

    1. MS uses cleartype technology for font smoothening on windows. So low resolution does not really matter. It will be OK for normal use

  15. Gogi ji,
    Your review on Swipe ultimate is really good.
    But Please can you review Asus EeeBook X205TA for us?
    I wait for response.

  16. Hi sir, its inbuilt memory is 32 GB, may i know

    1.what is its user avail storage?
    2.if we put a sd card, can we move apps to sd or downloading apps will install in SD card? like some android.

  17. HI gogi,

    Nice review for a nice tablet. In fourth paragraph you stated USB 3.0 later you said USB 2.0 confused a bit?

  18. Hey man, U left us a wee bit confused on one point. How did U insert the micro SIM? That seemed like a little sleeve that was used to hold the micro SIM !!

      1. There is a little black coloured sleeve around that Micro Sim, that’s what I m asking about. What’s that ??

        1. Ah that, well I have a nano SIM and the black sleeve is micro SIM adapter so as to convert it into a micro SIM.

  19. dear gogi ji, can we install whatsapp on this tablet or any other tablet with runs windows 8.1(desktop version)

    1. Yes it can as long as the software is taking less space, you see there is just 20GB free space left.

  20. hello gogi great review

    my question is – should i go for asus x205 or this one ?
    asus is priced at 15000 with same specs but without touchscreen.
    reply asap.

    1. Ritik, looks like same hardware and specs (difference in screen size). There is a price difference though, as of now the Ultimate is priced at around 18K. It was 16K I guess for a limited time. You can go with Asus if you are okay with a non-touchscreen.

      1. gogi can you review asus x205 ?
        i love its red color its just great.
        it will be excellent for me if you review x205 and compare it with this one

    1. Well Sachin, I would respond to both parts of your comment.

      If you are looking for a big brand in Windows tab, Surface pro 3 isn’t avlbl in India and costs upwards of 80000
      Asus has just one model avlbl in India, and official pricing is 27000,and online pricing is Rs24000

      HP has one model at RS 27000, without keyboard

      Where is a good tab with big brand name and keyboard that comes at only 18900 ?

      So there is no comparison. This is a great product, I talk from experience.