You might have seen many pendrives in the market, but here is a new hybrid version from iBall called the iBall Hybrid dual pendrive. This external storage device is priced starting from Rs. 599 onward.

The iBall Hybrid pendrive comes with a USB 2.0 connector it is the standard one that you see on the pendrives, you can connect it to the PC or any other supported devices, and there is another micro USB connector for connecting to micro USB supported devices such as Tablet and Smartphones.

Not all of the smartphones supports OTG and if it does, usually users buy an OTG cable to convert the USB 2.0 to micro USB. Now here is the iBall Hybrid dual Pendrive that can directly connect to the smartphone or tablet without the need of an OTG cable (provided OTG is supported on the handset).

8GB iBall Hybrid dual pendrive

This iBall device is light weight at 10 grams and is priced at Rs. 599 for 8GB and 799 for 16GB version. If you are planning to buy a pendrive and probably might want to use it with micro USB supported devices then this is a good option or you can anyway buy any other pendrive plus an OTG cable (approx Rs. 150 to 200).

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    1. Pls say how to use the hybrid dual pen drive in any kind of smart phones.. Do it really work.. Pls help me

  1. Why you are fooling customers in your advertisement you shows this pen drive is applicable for all android devices


  3. how can i know that in my mob is OTG & what is otg? I go in my mob info. in samsung galaxy 551 in about phone in settings but i didn’t know where is otg…. so i want to know if anyone can anw for this Q. will help all the other peoples who r in doubt….. plz reply………

  4. gogi sir …
    rumour iphone 5s and 5c budget phone especially for india and china going to launch at apple event on 10 september

    1. “china going to launch at apple event”
      I think it’s Apple is going to launch at Chinese event,isn’t it? 😛

  5. Sir, can i move apps n games to external storage in iris 405..?i want to buy this one.

  6. Price it at 200-400 for the 8 gig one and you have me sold. Currently all my devices are OTG supported and hence forth will buy only OTG supported devices.

    1. What an imagination ! Why would one connect it simultaneously then you require two brains and four set of eyes to work simultaneously on both device 😀

      1. It was an imaginery question.
        But y will u need 4 eyes n two brains??
        Wht r u? A Retard?? :p
        For eg: This pendrive has a hd movie in it of 4gb, which I want to copy in my phone and laptop, both.
        Like this, there can b many needs, if using simultaneously is possible.
        Just use ur imagination bro, rather than trying to b funny by behaving dumb.

  7. Ankit

    It is clearly mentioned, OTG support necessary for using this pen drive.

    The word Hybrid indicate just 2 different connectors which only eliminate OTG Cable !!!

    So older phone user shall not be much happy!!! ha ha…

  8. As you mentioned not all smartphones support USB OTG, is there any midrange android phone from brands like samsung, micromax, xolo etc which support USB OTG.

  9. is it connects to every smartphone or usb connecting option is necessary in smartphone??? I have HTC Explorer is it possible to connect this pen drive to my handset???

    1. No , you cannot connect your mobile htc explorer to this pendrive. If you want to use it in smartphone then you need a device which supports USB OTG support in the handset itself.

      1. hey plz tell me how can i connect this P.D to my samsung grand duos i9082,micromax a87 ,nokia 5235,samsung champ delax duos.i cant use in my this cell phones what i have to do????

    2. It is really good because of the wire normal otg cable pen drive always hangs in air wire connected mode..needs one hand to hold pen drive n other to hold mobile phone….now that resolve the problem….

    3. Amit..otg only supports to devices which specify with otg capabilities see ur device specification tell u that otg supported on ur device by default or not supported…look at technical specification…