You might have seen many pendrives in the market, but here is a new hybrid version from iBall called the iBall Hybrid dual pendrive. This external storage device is priced starting from Rs. 599 onward.

The iBall Hybrid pendrive comes with a USB 2.0 connector it is the standard one that you see on the pendrives, you can connect it to the PC or any other supported devices, and there is another micro USB connector for connecting to micro USB supported devices such as Tablet and Smartphones.

Not all of the smartphones supports OTG and if it does, usually users buy an OTG cable to convert the USB 2.0 to micro USB. Now here is the iBall Hybrid dual Pendrive that can directly connect to the smartphone or tablet without the need of an OTG cable (provided OTG is supported on the handset).

8GB iBall Hybrid dual pendrive

This iBall device is light weight at 10 grams and is priced at Rs. 599 for 8GB and 799 for 16GB version. If you are planning to buy a pendrive and probably might want to use it with micro USB supported devices then this is a good option or you can anyway buy any other pendrive plus an OTG cable (approx Rs. 150 to 200).

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -