My laptop screen got damaged, if you recall it is the same laptop the HP 15-P073TX that I already reviewed in 2014. Screen issues are something that most laptop users might have experienced and most of you might have already repaired the same.

The first question that comes to the mind when laptop screen gets damaged is, how much will it cost replacing the laptop screen? Well I too asked the same question, but as of now I have got the screen repaired and cost was quite nominal.

I started seeing black lines on the left top corner and within few days the lines increased, got some new lines and two new black spots. I got it repaired from a local store, and got the laptop back the next day itself. The 15.6 inch screen was replaced and the total cost was Rs. 3,950.

HP Laptop screen replacement cost

The work was done quite professionally. In case if you had faced the same issue, or any other laptop issue and got it repaired do leave a comment mentioning the laptop model, issue and the price you paid to repair the same.

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  1. Where to approach for repairing which is cost effective service centre or local vendor. I have HP 15 P073TX only and screen cracked from side along with the top panel. Can you suggest ?

  2. The Laptop scrren is one of the expensive parts of a laptop and for replacing it, you have to spend a large amount of money. But if it gets damaged, it costs about $60 to 100 that is quite expensive to afford.

  3. Hi there is a dark line in the centre of the screen in horizontal direction, is it screen issue or display issue i want to fix this asap. Please let me know and how can i contact you to get this fixed .
    Its an HP laptop , there is no crack on the screen . How much will it cost me approximately ?

  4. Hi sir, my lenovo laptop screen is cracked in the middle ….I am not able to see anything properly….the screen is 14 inch,Anti glare LCD display…..can you tell me how much it will cost to repair??

  5. im having replica of my screen in bottom and also its flashing colors . i cannot able to access the task bar so i change its alignment. any solutions for this?

  6. Gogi,my HP pavilion 15 display cost is accounting to 6k in the hp service center.
    Should I proceed with the service center of go local??

    1. Well as long as it is not causing, keep using it, but slowly it will keep on increasing and will take over most of the screen area. That is when you will need to replace the screen.

  7. I hav dell laptop of inspiron 3000 series(15.6″).the screen got damaged because I simply put my hand over the closed laptop which I purchased just 32 days ago. Now I want to repair the screen .May I know how much it will cost and is there any warranty after repair??Does it will be covered under warranty scheme of dell??

  8. HI I have Dell Inspiron 5000seroes i7 laptop. The laptop screen is broken. I have crossed the warranty period for my laptop. I want to ask
    1. Is Dell authorised shop best option to get it repaired? Or can I give to any local person?
    2. How much should it cost for me?
    3. What if I dont change the screen? As the cut is at one end, I can see the rest of my screen perfectly.

    1. You can check price at local laptop repair store (see to it that the shop is known to you / you have shopped before there or serviced there) and also check at authorized store.

  9. hi gogi was it ips panel or tn panel.although my laptop screen is alright but in future can i replace it with ips panel(viewing angles are not good on present acer screen)

  10. Don’t use any type of liquid to clean led or lcd screen .. use dry cloth to remove dust..
    Any liquid can cause damage to your laptop,tv,monitor screen without any protection on it..

  11. I got screen replaced for lenovo Y510P (FHD anti glare Screen) . It costs me 8500/-

  12. Gogi ji

    I have HP pavilion G6 2010ax and screen got broken because i threw my laptop when i was angry 🙁 🙁 …….the laptop fall from screen side and it broke.other everything was fine

    I got my screen replaced in 3500 …The Brand was of Dell but OEM was something Singh Manufacture Bangalore…I paid 3500 and it has 3 years warranty.

    there was also 3000 screen with 1 year wrranty.I went for 3500 ……Screen is anti glare out of box with matte 🙂

    1. थोडा कम गुस्सा किया कर । ज्यादा गुस्सा सेहत और laptop दोनो के लिए अच्छा नही है

  13. In Chennai its coming around 2.5 k to 3k with 3 month warranty. I’m a service engineer.

      1. Hi, I am from chennai too, I want a 14.1 inch WXGA Screen for an LG Laptop… Where should I go?

  14. My Friends Dell laptop get damaged and when I asked for repair they told mi 10k at local shop.

  15. But, what about warranty after replace new one. If screen not fitted accurate it will damage Hinges also.

  16. Mine is Fujitsu 15.6 inch….5-year-old and I got one thick 1-2 mm white horizontal line on the screen at top portion…I think it is a scratch occurred while carrying in backpack…but it is running perfectly fine…

  17. GOGI SIR I have also problem regarding laptop I am HAVING DELL inspiron 5520 it stopped working suddenly I DON’T know why so I went to local store which is suggested by one of my friend so they repair it by saying that DISPLAY IC WAS NOT WORKING BUT AFTER REPAIR the DISPLAY is Quite bright even on ZERO BRIGHTNESS and it started affecting eyes .GOGI SIR PLEASE SUGGEST IS THERE ANY KIND OF THIN FILM AVAILABLE SO THAT I CAN PUT ON LAPTOP SCREEN SO THAT BRIGHTNESS OF SCREEN IS REDUCED. Thanks in ADVANCE

  18. You can for the cheap display, which may cost 1.8-2.5k. The problem with these are, amount of radiation that they produce. Original display, is made with these things in mind. Duplicates are not. They are just focusing on the price reduction part, that will attract more customers.
    So, if you care for your eyes, go for the real one…

  19. Cost of display itself 2.8 to 3k only. Its upto local shop. In authorized center it will cost more.

  20. My Dell screen got damaged after falling from a height, total cost Rs 4300 including service charge.

  21. I have dell latitude laptop. It costed me just rs 3000 and it just took 20 min. For fitting the display.

  22. I changed HP pavilion 15.6 laptop screen damaged on cracking for rs 4500 five month back. Although not under warranty it was done by local repair shop. But working nicely.