How much does it cost replacing the Laptop screen

My laptop screen got damaged, if you recall it is the same laptop the HP 15-P073TX that I already reviewed in 2014. Screen issues are something that most laptop users might have experienced and most of you might have already repaired the same.

The first question that comes to the mind when laptop screen gets damaged is, how much will it cost replacing the laptop screen? Well I too asked the same question, but as of now I have got the screen repaired and cost was quite nominal.

I started seeing black lines on the left top corner and within few days the lines increased, got some new lines and two new black spots. I got it repaired from a local store, and got the laptop back the next day itself. The 15.6 inch screen was replaced and the total cost was Rs. 3,950.

HP Laptop screen replacement cost

The work was done quite professionally. In case if you had faced the same issue, or any other laptop issue and got it repaired do leave a comment mentioning the laptop model, issue and the price you paid to repair the same.


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