Hero Electric launched the Hero Flash Electric Scooter in the Indian markets. This is for now the cheapest electric scooter that will be available in India, it’s price in Delhi (Ex-Showroom) is Rs. 19,990. The Hero Flash weighs around 87 kg.

Hero Flash is a Electric Scooter, light weight and does not need a driving license / registration number. Considering the price it looks too good, it could be really popular among the teenagers. The Flash is using a 48 volt 20 Ah VRLA battery that powers the 250 watt motor.

The company has not yet given information about how much time it takes for a full charge, but they did mention that on a full charge this scooter will cover up to 65 km. Hero Flash also comes with short circuit protection.

Hero Flash Electric Scooter launched for Rs. 19,999

Other features are Telescopic suspension, magnesium alloy wheels, under seat storage and full body crash guard. Hero Flash will be available in Delhi (Introductory offer) Ex-Showroom price Rs. 19,990 in Silver & Black and Red & Black color options.

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  1. hi all friends i m interested buy it but anyone suggest me plzz which one is the best Hero Flash New price 26290 in West Bengal Vs Others company Battery Electric Bike 2nd Hand Price Around 10 to 15k so Which is the best one for me plzzz plzz plzz anyone suggest me as soon as possible

  2. plz koi bta do agra uttarpradesh mai kha se purchase kr sakte hai hero electric flash ko plz bta do…

  3. I am ready to purchase Hero Electric Flash Scooty. Pl tell me the nearest Showroom at Bishnupur Dist Bankura WB Pin 722122.

  4. charging karna mushkil hai, now everybody is staying in apartments, providing charging point at the bike parking location is difficult, and u cannot carry the bike to your apartment. practical problems….

    1. There is some electric scooters which we can remove its battery and do the recharging, battery is light weight and easy to remove and attach

  5. Best not buy any hero products better wait for TVS they always let out reliable value for money products

  6. instead of spending money in this kind of electric scooters buy second hand scooty in such price,that is much better.

  7. The biggest problem with this type of scooters is the VRLA battery which have a short shelf life of 1-2 years from date of manufacture, they will gradually die even if you don’t use it within 2 years. Only solution to this problem is using lithium ion battery which have good life of up to 5 years but cost of these battery is high so scooter makers are not using it and also there are hardly any manufacturers and we have to import it from China which are substandard quality. So it’s better to buy any 100cc bike to save money and get peace of mind and much better resale value.

      1. It’s mentioned on poster for some other model I guess. The cost of Li ion battery pack itself is more then 20k, it’s not possible this model will have it.

    1. Yes you are right I am using yo bike for past 7-8 yrs, its cost effective if u use daily, it will recover your cost in 3 yrs, but maintenance and parts thing is worst, battery cost/availability, you have to relay on china batteries, all service stn. are shut down I have to do it on my own or old persons of those service centers help.

  8. These kind of scooters are useless, as the battery warranty will be only 6 months that too it will be in range of 8 to 10 thousand rupees, These batteries will hardly lasts 1 year and top speed mentioned is in flat road only for single person.

    The battery needs to be changed yearly once or twice. So yearly the battery cost alone will be 10 thousand rupees and if any problem arises we have to get serviced it only in their service centre as it is electric motor imagine it if u are far away from the hero showroom !

    Calculating the battery cost alone itself we can go for any petrol scooters.

    1. Absolutely right dear. After 1 year battery needs to change which cost 10000 inr, and also you will not get service in all cities.

      1. No it will go for more than 2.5yrs my last change have crossed 2.5 yrs still running fine even that is china battery use daily min5-10km is the key, I am using yo bike for last 7-8 yrs.

    1. I had a very bad experience with electric bike which I bought for my Dad. It was a top model from Hero. Bought for 36k, changed battery in one year for 8k, battery again gone after one year. Finally sold it in 2 yrs for 5k as these vehicles don’t have any resale value. If you count battery cost and endurance, Petrol running cost is cheaper. I got carried away counting only electricity cost.

      Range is another problem. After few months, it’ll run only 20-30 kms before recharge though 60 range was promised. Unless battery technology evolves, it’s totally waste to buy these. Until then don’t bother to look at these.

      1. True same with all electric vehicles. It’s better that companies invest in bringing fuel cell technology rather than relying on battery.

      2. I had also same experience with ‘yo bike’ electric scooty. The compnies should focus on improving these aspects 1) reducing charging time, 2) increasing running distance in a single charge, etc. etc… and some other drawbacks which i am unable to recall at this moment.

        1. Article says VRLA. For li ion, 20k will be battery cost itself, whole bike not possible.