The recent release of Google Pixel 8a in India has raised a lot of excitement and for good reasons. At ₹52,999, Pixel 8a is positioning itself as a mid-range smartphone that can compete favorably in the market. In this post, we will compare the Pixel 8a with its higher-priced counterpart, the Pixel 8 which costs ₹69,999. It will also delve into their design, technical specs, performance and overall value to enable you to select any one of them

Design and Build Quality

Both Google’s signature designs are present in both the Google Pixel 8a and Pixel 8 but there are some notable differences. For example, it has a robust metal frame with polycarbonate backing which makes it feel solid though light while on the other hand, pixel eight sports rather luxurious glass back meaning that it feels more sleeker. Despite being slightly thicker than the latter pixel eight offers similar strong construct but more expensive look since glass was used.

Display Quality

To ensure smooth visuals and responsive touch experience both these smartphones have Full HD+ displays with a refresh rate of 120Hz. The display size of pixel eight is smaller at 6.1 inches compared to pixel eight A which features a larger screen measuring up to six points two inches in diameter respectively. Both devices come with Corning Gorilla Glass protection while only pixel eight comes with Gorilla Glass three instead of Victus two on pixel eight which provides enhanced durability when dropped from high heights; though both screens have bright colors and sharp images yet the later offer increased reliability.

Performance and Hardware

These gadgets perform well when executing normal activities as well as gaming due to their internal components powered by proprietary Tensor G3 processor produced by Google for all models under its brand name.Pixel eight has an option of either choosing an additional four gigabytes or not unlike pixel eight A that comes with eight GB of RAM. Moreover, both devices are fitted with solid UFS 3.1 storage enabling them to access data and launch apps instantly.

According to Antutu benchmarks, pixel eight A scored slightly lower at 743,000 compared to pixel eight’s score of 781k. However, these scores are very close and hence in practical use one finds no performance difference between the two phones when running demanding applications such as games; this shows that both can handle any task.

Camera Capabilities

Both of these devices contain great features for photography fanatics. In the case of Pixel 8a, its dual-camera consists of a primary lens which is 64MP and an ultra-wide one sized thirteen megapixels. In contrast, Pixel eight has a primary camera rated at fifty MP while it has wider angle which is twelve MEGA pixels respectively. Both their front and rear cameras have ability to record videos up to four k quality.

Pixel camera’s software interface offers variety modes/adjustments like long exposure shots, wide-angle viewfinder among others including bokeh effect through portrait mode using AI plus magic eraser tool further improve photo editing process making Google’s smartphone cameras among the best there are.

Battery Life and Charging

On the other hand, battery capacity is a key concern. Pixel 8a has a 4492mAh battery, while Pixel 8 has a slightly larger battery of 4575mAh. Both phones are fast charging and wireless charging enabled so you can easily fill your phone faster when need be. For everyday use, both phones give sufficient battery life to last through an entire day’s moderate to heavy usage.

Further Features

Pixel 8a comes with IP67 water and dust resistance rating while Pixel 8 features IP68. Consequently, more protection against water and dust is offered by Pixel 8 as compared to the former device. In addition, both devices have stereo speakers that enhance the audio experience when using them for media playback.

The Pixel 8a and Pixel 8 also include in-display fingerprint sensors for secure unlocking as well as AI-enhanced features that improve usability and user experience.

Price and Value

Compared to the starting price of ₹69,999 for the Google Pixel 8, it is relatively priced at ₹52,999 for one who wants a cheaper option in form of the Google Pixel 8a which offers good value due to its strong performance and camera capabilities whereas; the latter’s high price tag is justified by its luxurious build quality, additional RAM options and better display protection.

In Summary

In summary; these are among most advanced gadgets from Google that cater for varying target markets respectively. If you want a feature-packed top-performing smartphone with great specs then go for Google’s pixel 8a over others which starts from rupees fifty-two thousand nine hundred ninety-nine though you can also buy pc or apple laptop if this sounds too expensive in terms of cost efficiencies…

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -