After Android Lollipop (5.0), Google will roll out Google Android M (6.0). Android M is now official and it comes packed with some new features. The 6.0 will support USB Type-C, 4K resolution and native finger print support.

Google has made some big changes to the App permission system. With this new system users will get the notification to allow or ignore access for specific features while the app is in use. For example when you are using Whatsapp and want to use the voice control it will ask you once if you want to give access to the microphone.

‘Now-on-Tap’ is another innovative feature that can be accessed from any app. For sample if you get a text message from your friend for a meeting at some new place you can use Google Now to search for direction without leaving the app you are currently using.

On Android 6.0 website links within the app will now open in the app window itself. Finger print support comes built in and also linked with Android Pay feature. With this option users will be able to complete transaction using their finger print for confirmation.

Google Android M official

Installing apps on external card has been a major issue with many users. Now this features was enabled or disabled depending on the OS customization, but on Android M users will be able to use the external card as internal storage. Users however will need to format the SD card adding encryption for it to work.

Android M comes with better RAM and Power management. The RAM manager app will show user how a particular app is using RAM and will also rate it – good / average. The Power Management feature will help extend battery life. It will use motion detection to decide if the device is being used or left idle. If there is no activities then background apps activities are reduced automatically. This feature on Android M when compared with Android L will deliver up to 2 time more standby time.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -