Some YU Yuphoria users have reported getting an incremental update of size 38 MB. This is an OTA update and seems to have fixed the heat up and other issues that some users were facing.

If you are using the Yuphoria smartphone, you might have got the notification or you can check it manually from system update via settings -> about phone. In case you have not yet received any update notification, hold on it will show up within few days / weeks.

The update size is small, less than 40MB and fixes the heat-up issues that some users experienced. I have done the review of Yu Yuphoria and I did not find any such issue, probably some users did and this update should fix any such issues.

YU Yuphoria incremental OTA update

The incremental update also improves the camera performance and fixes the proximity sensor issues that again some users experienced. It basically resets the sensor after a reboot. So after the update in case you face any such proximity issue just reboot the phone and it should fix.

In case you have already updated do leave your feedback.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -