The Freedom 251 smartphone that was in the news surrounded by controversy will now be made available from June 28th 2016. Ringing Bell Company has confirmed the same, delivery will begin from 28th  via COD payment mode.

Ringing Bell told PTI that the Freedom 251 smartphone shipping will commence from 28th June 2016 and it will be sent to all / most of the customers who made successful payments for the same  – the payments were later refunded – such customers will be the first one to get the Freedom 251, payment mode will be COD (Cash on Delivery).

If you may recall the Freedom 251 handset caught a lot of attention, specially for its price tag of Rs. 251 + Shipping. It indeed was the cheapest smartphones, people got so crazy that their website crashed, very few were able to make successful payments.

Freedom 251 shipping will begin from 28th June

Freedom 251 handsets were not immediately available even the prototype looked suspicious and that gave birth to controversies, these controversies forced the company to refund the amount to  customers who  had successfully made the payments.

And now those customers will get the 251 handset via Cash on Delivery. Still a lot of time, shipping starts from June 28, let’s see.

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