FOMO is the world’s most customizable camera, so small, yet effective and you can wear this easily. It is just a button badge and comes with an affordable price. This FOMO Camera is a Kickstarter project, their pledge amount is $18000 and as of now already crossed $6000 and still 59 days to go.

As mentioned the wearable camera looks like a button badge, you can pin it anywhere – on your bag, jeans, on your shirt and even on your cap – just like a badge. It is a circular badge that holds the camera module, the camera lens is right in the centre, you can customize this badge as per your need – have a look at the customized camera below to get an idea.

The FOMO Camera is easy to use comes with single button operation. Hold for 2 seconds to turn on, hold for 2 seconds to turn off, to record just press button after FOMO is switched on and to stop recording press the button again.

How you can use this FOMO camera FOMO Camera features and specifications

Regarding the price super early bird price is $29 (do note this is a kickstarter project), the final cost of this product when it is commercially made available will be somewhere around $100.

Check out the listing on Kickstarter website.

FOMO Camera customization options

FOMO Camera Specifications

Camera Type : Wearable, Button Badge, can be customized
Weight : 40 grams
Video Recording : 1080p (full HD) at 30fps
Angle of Lens : 70 degrees (UnDistorted)
Audio : Built in Mic
Thickness : 12mm
Memory : 16GB + External card up to 32GB
Battery : up to 2 hours continuous recording on full charge

So do you like this camera? what do yo think? would you buy one, let us know your thoughts.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -