The FC-L1 Smart Watch with MTK6225 chipset has been in the Chinese market for quite some time, it is available for $71.49 (Approx Rs. 4,500), with shipping (FedEx) it will cost you an additional 17.74$ (Rs. 1,100) – A total of approx Rs.  5,537.

This is exactly similar to Smart Namo Smart Watch, in fact this smart watch comes in two models with MTK6250 chipset and another one with MTK6225 chipset. Now the reason why Smart Namo cannot give this watch free with high end phone and instead are giving a free 3.5 inch phone is because FC-L1 Smart Watch with MTK6250 and with MTK6225 chipset support Android version 2.3 to Android 4.0.

Most of the handsets sold today run on least Android 4.1 (many with 4.2) moreover many of the users might have already upgraded their old handset from ICS Android 4.0. The FC-L1 Smart Watch is good but it’s outdated and cannot be upgraded. If you are using older version of Android up to 4.0 it will work.

FC-L1 Bluetooth watch features: Its 82 grams and available in different colors. Touchscreen is 1.6 inches (240X240 pixel resolution) and battery is 400 mAh Li-ion (rechargeable). On a full charge the battery gives talk-time of 4 to 5 hours and standby time of up to 48 hours.

FC-L1 Smart Watch

FC-L1 Smart Watch versus Smart Namo

USB port on FC-L1 Smart Watch

Key features are phonebook sync, SMS sync, Anti Lost function and Call Sync. You can receive and make calls. The specs also say that hand-free call and wired call via earphone are supported. The watch does look cool and comes with decent features, unfortunately for many users this is one outdated gadget. The Sony Smart Watch 1 is available in India for under Rs. 8,000. I believe it will work with latest Android versions.

You can buy FC-L1 for $71.49 online.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -