Sony Smartwatch’s will soon hit the Indian stores by the end of June. These watches run on the popular Android OS and supports Bluetooth 3.0. Now this is not a Watch Phone instead it can easily communicate with other android devices (your android phone for example) via Bluetooth.

The watch is stylish, eye catcher and come with some good features The Sony SmartWatch is pretty sleek (0.3 inch thickness) and will carry a price tag of Rs. 6,299. You can either strap it on your wrist like a watch or clip it on your clothing. The watch is compatible with Sony Xperia model and many other brands.

Smartwatch Features: The multi touch screen display is 1.3 inches with supported resolution of 128 x 128 pixels. Since this watch runs on Android, users can access Google Play and download apps as needed. There are about more than 60 apps available for downloads. Facebook  / Twitter messages, calendar reminders, email and text messages can be read directly from the watch without touching the android smartphone.

Sony SmartWatch to launch in India

SmartWatch from Sony

Sony Watches colour options

Users can also reject, mute calls, use headset and even take calls using this smart watch. There is a music player for you’re on the move entertainment with track information displayed on the screen.

This watch can be charged using a USB cable and can last for about a week in standby, 3 to 4 days with moderate usage and about 1 full day of heavy usage. And by the way you can also use it as a normal watch.

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By Rajeev Rana

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