There are a lot of things happening on Facebook well ever since Google +1 opened its door for everyone. Recently Facebook announced series of new features that will be rolled over in the coming weeks or months.

A new feature called Subscribe button on Facebook profile page can now be enabled by any FB user. This feature will make their updates public. Check out my earlier post on How to enable or disable the Subscribe button.

I have noticed one more update that has happened to the Facebook like button plugin page. Previously there were only two coding options available either XFBML or iFrame. But now one more option has been added and that is the HTML5 compliant markup version.

Why use HTML5 Facebook Like button code?

HTML5 is the new standard that eventually will take over. It is fast as compared with older button code. Moreover Facebook wants you to use this format and for that reason it is made as the default option in the drop down selection.

Facebook like button HTML5 code
Facebook like button HTML5 code

How to install Facebook like button in HTML5 version?

Many websites showcase the Facebook like button and almost every blogger or webmaster knows how to add the Facebook like button on their website. The process is the same except that this time you select the default html5 implementation option.

  • Visit the Get like button code page.
  • Enter the URL (Your Facebook page URL).
  • Choose the formats you want.
  • And once done click the Get Code button.

You will then see the “Your like button plugin code” popup with default html5 already selected in the drop down field. Simply copy and paste the code on your website as required. Then click Okay to exit.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -