The Elephone W2 is another Smartwatch that is a lot difference. I call this a Smartwatch with an Analog touch; well it is more analog than digital and still safe to call it a Smartwatch. Elephone W2 supports Bluetooth and priced at $79.99.

W2 unboxing

This smartphone comes packed inside a big box. Box pack contents : W2 watch, leather strap, Screw driver, 2x button cell batteries and quick start guide.


Elephone W2 looks gorgeous thanks to the stainless steel body. This watch is available in Champagne Gold and Classical Silver colour options. Excellent build quality and finishing. The dial is made of sapphire crystal for clarity and durability. This watch does not come with a touch screen. The analog part makes use of Swiss Ronda 762 movement. W2 is water resistant.

Elephone W2 smartwatch review and unboxing

There are 3 buttons – the top button is to power on / power off / mode check (for smartwatch features), the middle button is to adjust the analog clock manually(just like you would do for any analog clock) and the bottom button is to check your fitness activities for the day and also switch modes (fitness / sleep) manually when required.

Elephone W2 review and dial

The watch strap is made of premium quality leather that adds to the overall look and feel of the Smartwatch. The strap comes with spring mechanism that makes it easier to attach or remove the strap.

Elephone W2 premium leather strap

Watch face is simple analog with a single LED above the Elephone logo and 10 LED’s at the bottom.

W2 analog watch is powered by a small button cell battery and the Smartwatch part makes use of a bigger button cell battery (Maxcell 2032 210mAh). There is no need to charge this smartwatch. The small battery that powers the watch will last for over 2 or 3 years and the bigger battery that powers the Smartwatch feature will easily last for over 3 months.

Elephone W2 unboxing


The biggest problem with Smartwatches is that users lose interest after few days / weeks since they have to charge the device every day or every two days. Now that is definitely not an issue with the Elephone W2.

You wear it and simply forget it. This watch makes use of Bluetooth 4.0 to communicate with your smartphone and it can automatically keep track of steps taken, calories burned and can also monitor your sleep quality.

Elephone W2 bottom LEDs

When you press the top button the top LED will either glow Green, Red or Blue. Green indicates that the Smartwatch is in exercise mode, Red indicates battery is low and Blue indicates sleep monitoring mode.

If you are taking a small nap and want your sleep to be monitored you can press and hold the bottom button for few seconds to switch modes (toggle between Green (fitness) or Blue (Sleep)).

W2 makes use of vibrations for alert (there is no mic / speaker). This watch can be used to get call alerts, sedentary reminder, as a remote camera (use bottom button to click images using smartphone camera) and alarm clock.

Elephone W2 is accurate and it gave consistent results for similar kind of activities I performed.

App download

You will need to download the Elephone W2 app that is available on Android as well as iOS platforms. Once connected pair the watch with the smartphone. You will then be able to check the step count on the app and your progress levels.

You can also check the progress level on watch itself, press the bottom button on the watch and check the number of LED’s glowing. There are 10 LED’s – 10% to 100%. If you have set 10,000 steps and have covered 5000 steps, 5 LED’s will glow (50%) indicating you are half way through your goal.


Since the W2 is using button cell battery you don’t have to charge it, just replace it when needed that too after 3 months.


Now this Smartwatch cannot be used to read messages / email etc. It is pure analog kind of a watch. But good enough to keep track of your physical activities and your sleep. And the best part is you don’t really need to worry about the battery.

Plus the W2 looks awesome!

Elephone W2 is an excellent buy available for $79.99.

Check the Official Website.

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By Rajeev Rana

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