Amazon changes Returns Policies for Mobile phones

Amazon has made changes to its Returns Policies for all mobiles phones. If you purchase a mobile phone from Amazon on or after 7th February 2016 and in case there is a defect you can ask for replacement only.

Prior to this upgraded policy, anyone who bought a mobile phone from Amazon and those fulfilled by Amazon were eligible for a refund for whatever reason. But from now on you will not get a refund, however if you receive a damaged phone or a defective one you will get free replacement.

I guess the previous policy was too lenient and many users took advantage of it, most simply replaced the handset just because they did not like it, even though the device was working in perfect condition / not damaged.

Well the policies have changed, now do check this page for more details it clearly mentions that you will now get a replacement and not a refund. Moreover the page also says you can ask for replacement of defective / damaged unit within 10 days for purchase.

Amazon Returns policies updated for mobile phones

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