Ever wished, you had a PC with a touch screen display, well you can now, thanks to AirBar Sensor a device that adds touch functionality on just about any PC/laptop. The AirBar can be pre-booked for $49.

AirBar will be available in 4 sizes – 15.6”, 14”, 13.3” and 11.6” select the one as per your PC’s / laptop screen size. This devices is easy to use, just attach the magnetic strip below the screen as seen in the image below and plug in the USB point into the USB port it will power up the AirBar.

Once connected the ordinary non-touch screen magically transforms into a touch screen. You can use touch features without glare or battery drain and it works on anything – i.e. you can use brush, stick, fingers, gloves, etc..

AirBar sensor sizes

How does AirBar work?

Once attached at the bottom of the screen the sensor will project an invisible light field parallel to the screen, it will then be able to register the touch responses and interact with Windows 8 / 10 gestures. Now this device works with any PC that runs Windows 8/10 or you can also use a Chromebook. For now it does not work with MacBooks (limited functions).

AirBar sensor attached to laptop screen

Pre-orders have begun, the AirBar will be made available by mid 2016.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor - gogi.in