Many users are downloading the Windows 8 Developer preview that is available for free. Everyone wants to try their hand on the upcoming Microsoft’s operating system. The Windows 8 preview comes with a lot of surprise and new feature and especially the new Metro user interface. Windows 8 has complete changed its navigation style and those looking for the traditional method may find this somewhat disappointing.

Windows 8 is a combination of Desktop and Mobile experience. If you have installed the Windows 8 OS on your system and find it difficult to adapt to the new interface you can disable Metro UI and ribbon toolbars by using free software developed by Windows Club called the Metro UI Tweaker for Windows 8.

Many of my friends who have installed the Windows 8 OS are not happy with the UI which they feel is best to be used on a tablet PC. But what surprises me is the fact that there are many who want to disable the default UI. It doesn’t make any sense. This is still a preview version and already there is a freeware available to tweak the user interface and people are downloading it.

Metro UI Tweaker software for windows 8
Metro UI Tweaker software for windows 8

I think most probably Microsoft may add an option to choose the interface in their final Windows 8 version. Any ways you can try out the Windows 8 OS the old styled way (Windows 7 style classic menu). Just download the software which comes with limited number of options and can also add log off, shut down and sleep options in the start menu.

Download Metro UI Tweaker for Windows 8 size 284KB.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -