There are some handsets available in India that comes with IP68 certifications. But sometimes the brand will mention that the handset is water proof and at times they say it is water resistant. So what is the difference between water resistant and water proof?

What is IP68 certification

This certification is given to the device when it passes a certain level of test specially meant to check if the device is dust proof and water proof. Technically all IP68 certified handsets are water proof.

But what do manufactures use word water resistant and sometimes water proof?

If you have seen a rugged phone that is IP68 certified, there the manufacturers use the word water proof. And if you look at the design of such phones you will see that the ports are also sealed. The ports like audio jack, micro USB etc come with a rubber cover that seals off the opening.

Now if you look at any non-rugged phones on those phones the ports are not covered, even though the handset may be IP68 certified, still the ports are open.

So you see you any handset with ports covered / sealed and IP68 certified – the manufacturer will use the word Water Proof. And any handset with ports exposed and IP68 certified – the manufacturer will use the word Water Resistant.

Water Proof and water resistant

Water Proof Vs Water Resistant

There is really no difference, a IP68 certified handset will survive under water as long as the basic requirements are fulfilled i.e. max depth / time under water etc.

However you need to be extra careful with the handset that are water resistant or the one that does not come with  the ports sealed. You need to dry such handsets if they were submerged, and never plug in the power for charging for at least 24 hours – you need to be sure the ports are completely dry.

For handsets with ports sealed you don’t have to worry about, only thing is to make sure that the ports are sealed before using handset under water.

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By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -