There was some problem with my Split AC and something was not right, AC was working fine and it seems the issue was there was few days. Luckily I had the CAT S60 handset still with me and I used the thermal technology to find what was wrong.

Split AC Water Leakage issue

I guess the problem was there for past two days and the water was not draining out via the pipes. Seems like there is a blockage or the outlet connection is broken or some other issue. What I noticed was that there was water leakage around the AC, it was minimal hardly visible, but on close inspection one could see it.

I noticed that the electricity board below the AC also was a bit wet, upon opening the box there was a water leakage and it was bad, I could still see water dripping out. The water outlet pipe of Split AC are kind of concealed within the walls, the pipes are not exposed so all that I can check was the exit point.

Split AC water leaking issue and how I used the CAT S60 thermal camera to know what the problem is

The exit point from where the water usually thrown out was dry that confirmed that the water was not flowing through the pipes. So where was the water flowing?

Using the CAT S60 handset thermal technology

Luckily I still had the CAT S60 handset and used its FLIR Thermal Technology to know where the water is logged within  the wall. I switched on the Thermal camera and looked for cooler spots (water is cooler) РThermal technology captures heat signature and temperature difference, so I just looked for Blue. I could easily see where the water was, where the water collected and from where it was leaking within the walls.

Our naked eye will not be able to see beyond the wall but with CAT S60 Thermal camera you can. So now I know where the water is logged. Thankfully the electric socket point was safe and there was no short circuit.

I am now waiting for the AC repair guy to fix the Split AC water leakage problem.

CAT S60 is a pricey handset cause it comes with FLIR Thermal Camera. But as you can see in such a situation it did come handy. So if thermal camera can be of any use in your profession then makes sense to invest in the CAT S60 handset. You can check the full review here.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -