Cyber Police have located the person responsible for leaking the Jio data via the website. There was news about Jio customer data breach with millions of user data compromised, Reliance had given their official statement saying that the data seems unauthentic.

Reliance then approached the  Law enforcement agencies and the latest news is that a person from Rajasthan nicknamed Imran Chippa has been arrested. Cyber Police had pinpointed the location of this person who had leaked Jio user data on his Magicapk site, that has been suspended as of now.

The website has been blocked and the Police were able to trace the location of this 35 years old Computer Science dropout, in Rajasthan. The hacker has been taken into custody, his mobile, storage devices and computer has been seized. He will be moved to Mumbai, soon.

magicapk website that leaked jio data suspended

Source : PTI