Boult Twin Pods review – true wireless headphone for Rs. 2,899/-

Here is the Boult Twin Pods review this is a true wireless headphone and is Myntra exclusive, you can buy this for Rs. 2,899. Check this post to know more about this product and how good is it considering the price.

Inside the box you will get the charging / storage case with 2x ear buds, data cable USB to micro USB and user manual. The charging pod case / storage case is made of aluminium alloy, very good build and finishing.

The charging pod comes with built in battery and it will automatically charge / keep the earbuds fully charged at all times. The ear buds are also made of aluminium and plastic, build and finishing is pretty good, ear caps at 45 degree angle for a comfortable fit.

Now the Boult Twin Pods is a true wireless Bluetooth headphone, there are no wires attached. In fact the left earbud is the primary one that connects with your smartphone and the right earbud connects to the left earbud.  Both these earbuds come with built in battery.

Boult Twin pods review

There is LED indicator on both the ear buds and voice notification is supported. The charging case can charge the earbuds 3 times and on a full charge the earbuds will last for up to 6 – 8 hours. So in all along with the charging pod the Boult Twin Pods  can keep you entertained for almost a day. Boult Twin Pods are also using noise cancellation technology.

Boult Twin pods quality

Base is rich and deep, mid and highs are clear and crisp. The earbuds are also very comfortable to wear. True wireless headphones do come for price and this Boult Audio Twin Pods do come with a good price tag Rs. 2,899.

Boult Twin Pods performance

You can buy from here –

Rating 4.6 out of 5


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