This is XANES STL03 review, it is a bicycle taillight that comes with 6 modes, it is waterproof (IPX8) and comes for just Rs. 600 (approx). There is only one light color, RED. XANES STL03 comes with 1200 mAh battery.

XANES STL03 is rain water proof, you can use it in rail but do not put it under water. The body is made of plastic and aluminum alloy. Weight is 31 grams. Inside the box you get the XANES STL03 and a rubber strap.

There is a clip (with 360 degree rotation) on the XANES STL03 and together with the rubber strap you can easily fix this on a rod, specially under the bicycle seat. Check the video to know more. There is a micro USB port to charge the light and a single multi function button.

XANES STL03 review

Button Functions :
Press button; long press to turn on or off,
Short press to change among the first three modes;
Double quick press to change for the next three modes

XANES STL03 quality

XANES STL03 Battery Life
It takes about 1 hours or so to charge the device and on a full charge you will get anywhere from 5 hours to 40 hours of usage time depending on the mode you use.

So you can use this tail light on the bicycle or even on your bag specially useful when you are walking / cycling on the road.

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Rating 4.8 out of 5

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