Planning to buy a new ceiling fan or planning to replace your old fan, go for the Atomberg Gorilla E1-1200 fan. This is the most power efficient ceiling fan in India that is a bit pricey but in the long run will turn out to be a lot cheaper. Check this Gorilla Fan review to know more.

I bought two Gorilla E1-1200 power efficient fans from Flipart. The current fan that I was using I guess was consuming 75W+ power on 5 speed setting, the Gorilla Fan consumes 28W power on 5 speed setting. This Gorilla fan makes use of a totally different technology that does not need a regulator.

Most traditionally fans come with regulator that you use to control the fan speed. But on The Atomberg Gorilla E1-1200 there is no need of a regulator, in fact there is a special remote that you can use to control the speed.

Atomberg Gorilla E1-1200 box pack

These Gorilla Fan makes use of BLDC brushless motor that reduces noise, last longer, use less power (way less power) and delivers the same performance as the other fans available in the market.

Atomberg Gorilla E1-1200 body

 Atomberg Gorilla E1-1200 3 Blade Ceiling Fan review

Inside the box : Motor, Remote, free 2 x AAA battery, user manual, warranty card, 3x blade and attachments
Motor : BLCD Brushless motor
Span : 1200 / 48 bade
Power Consumption : 28W
Air CMM : 220
Warranty : 3 years
Speed Control : Remote
Other : Sleep Mode, Timer
Weight : 4Kg
Color Options : Brown, Ivory, White
Warranty : 3 year replacement warranty

Atomberg Gorilla E1-1200 fan review

Atomberg Gorilla E1 Performance

The air delivery was same when compared with older fan. The Gorilla fan operational sound was less, it runs almost 3 times more when using an inverter.  You need to use the remote to control the speed. There is a LED light (red color) that lights up to confirm input and turns red when power is on but fan is switched off via remote.

Atomberg Gorilla E1-1200 LED

There is no need to use a regulator, but I did not bi-pass the older regulator. I am still using the regulator and it can be used to control the Gorilla fan speed. It is not actually recommended, and in case you are using a regulator better keep it at max level and use the remote to control the speed.

Atomberg Gorilla E1-1200 remote


An excellent option if you are planning to buy a fan or thinking of replacing your old fan. Atomberg Gorilla E1 fan will help reduce fan power consumption up to 65%.

Rating : 4.8 out of 5

Gorilla E1-1200 is available for Rs. 3200.

Update : The comapny will soon launch a premium version of Gorilla Fan check the image below.

Gorilla Premium Fan price

This premium Gorilla Fan will be priced at Rs. 3,800.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -