Intel effectively captured the entry level netbook market with the launch of Asus X101H today. The hardware is pretty nifty with a pack of features, and price especially, that will ensure greater PC adoption in India. All though base price would be Rs 9,999 buyers will see a tag of Rs 12,499 because it will come bundled with Reliance’s NetConnect USB data card. The Asus X101H will compete with the Samsung N100 which is already doing well in the market.

This collaboration with Reliance Communication Infrastructure (RCom) is to ensure wider acceptance of broadband across India. A buyer would be able to redeem the cost of NetConnect, approx Rs. 2,500 through discounts on monthly data packages purchased from RCom subsequently.

Open source OS Meego to power the Asus X101H Netbook

The Asus 101H is powered by a 1.66 GHz Intel Atom processor and uses open source operating system Meego which is known to deliver a fast, rich and superior computing experience to the user. Meego may also be the key factor in the keeping the cost and price to the sub 10k level. We are told, one version of Asus comes with Windows Starter edition, (not available in India) which could very likely cost more than the product launched today. The OS Meego may be a big hurdle to first time users, especially those who have grown accustomed to the ubiquitous Windows. You can install the Windows 8 Developer edition on this netbook.

Asus X101H netbook in India
Asus X101H netbook in India

Config you will dig

Besides the Intel Atom processor (N455) and a SATA 250 GB hard drive, the Asus X101H includes 1 GB of DDR3 for faster computing. The standard features include the webcam of 0.3 MP resolution and the 10 inch display screen. A pre-installed Meego apps store, OpenOffice, online storage (up to 2 GB) from DropBox come bundled with the features.

Asus X101H netbook running on Meego os
Asus X101H netbook running on Meego os

Battery life is nothing above average – Intel says you will be able to use the netbook for up to 4 hours using 3 battery cells. However, the looks of the set may appeal first time buyers. It is certainly easy on the eye, especially with the chiclet type keys, designed to facilitate faster keying in/typing. And weighing just 2.1 kg, its light as light can be.

Asus X101H, a strategic launch

Intel is likely looking to tap the huge market of 90 million households which have until now been without a PC because of cost issues. This affordable netbook Asus X101H will enable them to pass that hurdle and to bring computing and broadband into their lives and homes.

Asus X101H price in India
Asus X101H price in India

Asus X101H Netbook Price in India

MRP: Rs. 12,499 | Buy Asus X101H Netbook with RCom Netconnect bundle and you can save Rs. 2,500 over a period of few months.

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  1. hi gogi,
    congratulations for this great site.i’m looking for a netbook in range of 12k-20k(solid build-looking for a longterm prospect)with good performance(1.8ghz processor(atom)),long battery life(8-9hrs),movie viewing,browsing,good skype experience(most important),some gaming(if eg..supermario could run fine else simple games should run properly..)..please reply asap…i have to buy in 2 days.thanx in advance..:)

    1. Arihant, you can look for
      1. Acer Aspire One 725 (1GHz)
      2. Lenovo Ideapad S110 (59-328520) (1.6GHz)
      3. Samsung NP-N102S-B01IN Laptop (1.6GHz)

      as for battery life most of the netbooks come with 4 cell battery, look for / ask for 6 cell.

    1. Some Netbooks and even laptops come with DOS OS (this helps reduce netbook / laptop price) this also means you will need to buy windows software separately or you can install free linux OS.

  2. Hello Gogi,

    I wants to buy more than 10 pieces mini laptop, can you tell me the minimum price with the good brand.



    1. Askok the net books will start from Rs. 12,000 onwards you can get the Samsung N100 for 12,290.

  3. Hello Gogi

    I want to buy the Asus netbook Eee PC X101H laptop so please let me know the details and price

    and also if any mini laptop available in less than 10,000.00 please let me know the details with price list


    7crore computers

    Cont – 9916526475


    1. Askok, The Eee PC X101H will cost you around 12,100. I don't think there are any netbooks available for under Rs. 10,000. There are some other brands but they run on android OS and better to avoid that.