Samsung N100 Netbook is now available in India for a price of just Rs. 12,290. The Samsung N100 Netbook is light weight (1.03 kg) and is powered by dual core Intel Atom processor running at 1.33 MHz. There are quite a few surprises from a lowest price tag to the MeeGo operating system that is made to enhance performance of Netbooks.

Technically Netbooks are slow and used for browsing the net, creating / editing office documents, checking emails and for playing music and videos. Netbooks traditionally do not come with any CD/DVD Drives which actually helps in saving a lot of battery power. Using an operating system that is made especially for Netbooks can increase performance and speed. You can also choose to install the Ubuntu OS on Samsung N100 netbook.

Samsung N100 Netbook features

The Samsung N100 Netbook comes with a 10.1 inch LED WSVGA screen with matt finish. The Samsung N100 Netbook is an upgraded version of its immensely popular model the Samsung N150P. The N100 houses an ATOM dual core processor with 1 GB DDR3 RAM and a 250 GB hard drive. The netbook also comes with Intel GMA 3150 graphics.

MeeGo operating system runs smoothly on this hardware configuration and the difference is quite noticeable. Since the Samsung N100 Netbook is already using the atom processor which is highly energy efficient you can expect a better battery life of about 5 hours plus based on your usage.

Samsung N100 Netbook Price in India
Samsung N100 Netbook Price in India

MeeGo operating system is a bit different and it may take some time to get used to it. MeeGo has everything from useful applications, Google Chrome browser to instant access to social networks. Other features of Samsung N100 Netbook is 2 USB 2.0 ports, 4 in 1 memory card reader slot built in (supports MMC, SD, SDHC and SDXC), Wi-Fi, VGA port  and RJ45 port for connecting wired LAN.

Samsung N100 comes loaded with MeeGo OS
Samsung N100 comes loaded with MeeGo OS

Samsung N100 Netbook price in India

The light weight Samsung N100 Netbook is available at an unbelievable price of Rs. 12,290. The N100 would surely give a tough competition to other Netbook brands which are priced starting from Rs. 16,000 onwards.

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  1. i have samug n100. working well in wi fi ,data card, broad band conectivity, but its mic and sound is very poor. or unusable

  2. I have Installed Windows 8.1 On my Samsung n100 with 320 HDD,&1 GB Ram. Better performance than other NetBooks with same specifications.

  3. Sir . I need a help from you . I need to buy a netbook within Rs 15000 for my brother in law . So kindly help with best one its for his educational purpose . So please reply đŸ™‚

  4. Hi I have installed windows 7 on my netbook samsung np n 250 jp01uk. I want to install the drivers now so can anyone help me by letting me know what drivers should I download and install.

  5. Hi Aditya & Gogi!

    I had asked the showroom owner to give me N 150 plus net book and as I had checked on websites that 15,500 inr was correct amount for that. He replied, he had it at 15000inr. I agreed upon immediately that the owner is asking for right price.

    I also made him agree to provide a Mouse and netbook case along. He then started loading windows 7 and it took 3 hrs to his person to do so. In the meanwhile it was dark and they had to close the shop. I collected the netbook and started using it. I have the bill too. I was completely assured I had made a good deal till the time I reached my hometown after a month to check it with my broadband wi-fi as it dint work with windows 7.

    I checked on back side of netbook to find out that it was NP-N100-MA-03IN notebook of Samsung. I am getting price of MA-05-in and MA-01 on net, Ma-03 model is quoted to be of 250 gb on letsbuy with price of 12600 inr. Mine is 320 gb harddisk,1 gb ram. Can you tell me the correct price of My notebook model NP-N100-MA-03IN as on 29th april. I bought it in March end. Also can you pls tell, does it have wi-fi? i have read all articles above and have started downloading manual for Ma-01 from samsung website, but will it work is the question, Pl reply

  6. Hi, I'm a little surprised that you say netbook is not good for basic development. I use a PC with 375MB ram,P3 996 Mhz (antiquated) and its doing pretty well. I also have a dualcore laptop and while there is a speed difference, its not really such a big bother since think time is high for development.
    Compared to the PCs a netbook is quite powerful with 1 -1.6GHz processors and 1 GB memory -remember lots of people developed on PCs till just a few years ago.

    I am thinking of using a netbook for dev of a specific app and I would like to hear your thoughts on what issues you see.


    1. If you can work on the PC with 375MB ram, P3 996 Mhz then you can also work on the Netbooks too which are much faster and come with more memory. And laptops are even more powerful. So its up to you what to choose depending on the budget. Plus netbooks give you freedom to move around and come with good battery life.

  7. I think its better to buy ASUS 1025. It has 6 cell battery with 12 hours of back up and HDMI Output 320 GB HDD, Windows 7 Starter

  8. planning to buy a netbook n i selected asus 1015px frm d it a good selection?? der is also toshiba c600/c640,asus x53 in my maximum budget is kindly suggest a good one for me.thnx

    1. Hi,
      asus 1015px is a good option (netbook) that too under Rs. 13k. The x53 comes under the category of the laptop Brazos Dual Core 1 GHz processor. Battery performance wise any netbook will last longer.

      1. thnx 4 d in big comfusion.. 50 -50 for a netbook n a cheap lap..i rethink coz i myt want 2 do som video editin n poto editing i need a good advice for selecting a gud one under 20 present my choice is asus X series wit amd processor.. but somwher i read that pentium dual core is bettter than amd :( der any cor duo asus under frnz pls help brand btwn 18-20k.will the laptop prices reduce or increase in comin days?

  9. Hi there has been an update to the model. Also the N100 is not dual core. It runs the Atom n435 which is a low powered single core. The new N100 has a bigger hdd – 320GB and a 6 cell battery. Also notable is the addition of the internal mic, which was previously absent. I have written about it here

  10. Dear Balan, have you faced any problem in buying from ?

    I could read a lot of discouraging comments about ? Need i worry ?

    1. no . worry . im regular purchase from letsbuy .they only giving offer price and fastest deliver .

  11. Sir, Mam;

    good day!

    i had this samsung n100 netbook with meego OS. i want to install windows xp or 7 to my netbook? is there someone can help me regarding this matter?

    please do help me.

    thank you.

    1. i am experienced

      just now 2 weeks back i have installed windows 7 in n100

      its too slow and requires lots of graphics driver for aero transparency moreover i am unable to get the wifi connections that i was previously able to enjoy

      i would highly recommend you to install windows xp in it with service pack3 and inbuilt graphics

      if you want to optimize it for game then you may install windows 7

      windows 7 is only supported by n120 or n102 some thing like that


  12. Hi everyone.

    I want to buy a laptop with following specifications:

    1. Intel i3 2nd gen

    2. 2gb RAM(atleast)

    3. 500gb hdd

    4. Windows 7

    prefered bands are dell, hp, lenovo and samsung.

    My bugget is 25k and i can add another 2k depending on laptop.

    Plz suggest me some laptops.

    Thanks in advance.

  13. Hi everyone.

    Its great to see so much interest in this model! I am doing a project for Intel currently, about the MeeGo OS. For this I need to speak with people who are using or have used MeeGo.

    It would be fantastic if any of you are from Bangalore and can spare some time to speak with me. Please do let me know on varun.s[at]

    1. Hello Varun sir,

      i want to share some experience with you that while i purchased the n100 with meego installed i used to get the wifi connection easily

      but now after installing windows 7 i am not getting the wifi that i used to get

      i want it back or can you give some suggestion about that

      thanking you

      1. Hi Aditya,

        1.Is it that your wifi is does not work at all?

        2.Or is it that you are not able to find the old connection that you used earlier?

        If it is the former then you may need a driver update. Try contacting Samsung customer care.

        If you are able to search for wifi but cant find your previous access point you will have to check your modem/router.

  14. I have a problem with my laptop pc which is the fn key on volume adjustment and brightness were not functioning anymore. i need an exact answer on how to solve my problem.

    This is happening during start up and i'm not using the power adapter.

  15. I m planning to buy samsung n100.

    When i visited one showrum they told me following things:

    1. 320 GB hdd.

    2. MS DOS

    3. Rs. 13700.

    The rest is same as above blog tells.

    I m little confused about its performance as it only had 1.33Ghz processor and i wil install JDK or PHP and Mysql.

    So what do u ppl suggests me

    should i buy in or look for sum other netbook or laptop.

    1. Dear Kamlesh,

      Netbook's are meant for surfing / working with doc files etc.. I use Abode Photoshop which is too slow on netbooks. If you are into programming stuff and want to install server / for development of PHP / MYSQL use a laptop the powerful ( as per your budget) the better..

      1. Thanks alot for ur reply.

        But can i buy this for my brother who likes to play games,surfing net n movies n video.

        Thanks once again.

    2. dont go that showroom .i bought from letbuy only 11500. .

      . use 10% discount coupan .
      also data card free .

      6cell li-on battery battery backup upto 8hrs .
      wi-fi enable im using xp . youtube etc video's working perfect ..

    3. Hi Kamlesh kumar,
      I am using that same configured Samsung notebook only that u mentioned in your post …i think you are a developer or programmer …The main drawback for that notebook 1 GB RAM ….if you expanded that to aleast 2 GB r more then it will better to work…and one more important is OS i supports WIN7 32bit only…if you install to that 32 bit OS notebook’s processing speed may reduced …so keep in mind that RAM must be more then 2 GB.and my suggestion is to buy laptop with >2 GB RAM and at least core i3 processor with 3GHz speed per core.

  16. Yes me too am very much satisfied. But I am using winxp. Battery backup is good about 7 to 9hrs.

    1. How did you get the wifi

      in meego case i was able to connect to Jishu wifi but after installing windows 7 ultimate i cannot see any wifi connections

      give suggestion on software and others

      plz help!

      1. Yes now I am using WiFi internet, works fine.

        You just need Intel WiFi driver. Check add and remove program if there not available.

  17. Recently I purchased a N100 model through e-bay. I replaced the Meego with Windows 7 professional and is working excellent. Wi-fi is wroking perfectly but there is no bluetooth. I am very much satisfied with this product.

    1. Hey i did the same but how to get the wifi

      theres nowhere written wfi connection in windows 7 ultimate

      how did you connect to wifi plz help

      thank you

      1. You have to download an wireless lan software (appx 35 MB) at the followign link.

        After installing the same, you can see the network icon at the right end of bottom task bar . If you are inside a wireless network or having wireless router for your broadband modem you can connect to the internet using this icon.

    2. Sanjaya

      how did you installed windows 7 to your samsung N100? i tried to install windows XP but it didn't work.

      can you help me regarding this?


      1. You download Novicorp win to flash software..It is free.Install it in another pc.Insert Window 7 DVD and also a pen drive to that pc and write the windows 7 to the pen drive.Now insert that pen drive to N100. restart it.Press F2 during restart and enter into BIOS. Change boot sequence to USBHDD first by using F6. Then notebook will boot from USB and then follow instructions. During installation if the notebook restarts then take out the pen drive briefly and reinsert it.

  18. today i got N100 netbook . before iused xp desktop .so xp is compatable. so i confused now . which one is best to change my OS . in N100 . xp or win 7?

    please any one help

  19. Dear Sir,

    I purchased two N100 a month ago at Bhubaneswar from Maple computers. At the road show they said it has every thing from Blue tooth to sound and wifi but when they delivered the netbook the wifi was not working. they said that because it is a new model the driver was not available so they loaded some other compatible driver and wifi worked. But after lot of trying tey couldnot get bluetooth running. then they said that bluetooth was available on another model and not on the N 100 that i had purchased. today i found that there is no built in mic.

    can you please suggest how to get blue tooth & mic on the net book.

    1. i know if you have purchased it by netbanking

      they will do it! but you should ring them up

      and by the way it does not has a built in bluetooth and mic i have talked to the admin!!

      dont worry the wifi should work but it doesen't works properly in my case!!some times it connects the other it looses that net connection!!

      you can call them again or go to store if u have any queries!

      or u can buy another model if ur very rich!

      hope it helps!

      thanks !

  20. where do i get this N100 for rs.12229 in ahmedabad, gujarat. please tell me the name of the distributor

  21. hey guys i have a question

    i have talked to customer care they allowed me to install windows 7

    but my father will get a usb of 4 gb for me next month (i cannot wait)

    can you plz say that how can iconnect the pata dvd asus rw to this netbook

    plz reply'

    thanks in advance!

    1. You need USB pen drive or USB DVD / CD drive or USB hard Drive to boot into win 7 os and install on the netbook.

  22. hello sir i have purchasd this net book but it does not find any bluetoohth devies or ani wifi net work … IN this net book windows 7 ultimate is installed so sir how can I use bluetooth and wifi

    1. it is impossible that n100 comes with win 7 ultimate

      you can work with wifi if you

      go to comuter

      in heading in control panel you can see wireless network connectivity or just search it

      i think you ll get it!

      i have the meego os but i dont like it

      i have windows 7 in dvd i want to install it there

      some one plz give some suggestion!!

    2. if wifi / buletooth is not working, check if the wi-fi / Buletooth button on the netbook is switched on.

      1. i dont have any blue tooth button in function keys

        so can i consider that i dont have blurtooth in it

        although priviously i was able to connect to wifi but these days it does nt says online only connected sounable to connect to internet

        i am thinking thati should call the customer care!

        thanks in advance!

    3. Perhaps you can provide instal/ setup/ config videos for XP, Vista, Windows 7, Ubuntu 9.04 both Desktop and netbook. It would be nice to see a table with speed and performance ratings.

  23. Hi, i would like to purchese n100 does is it supports windows os? and can we use web cam and bluetooth conctivity and wifi

    1. Dear ShibilKhan,

      The N100 comes with meego OS but there is another model called the Samsung N102 which is similar to N100. The Samsung N102 comes with Windows 7 Starter Edition and it has webcam and wifi, bluetooth. So you can try that model. However the price of N102 is around Rs. 14,000

  24. sir, I appreciate your review & replies to the queries posted. I'm looking for a low priced netbook which will allow me to trade online in stocks involving fast processing of large numerical data. so is this samsung n100 ok for the purpose(with either win xp or win 7 starter)? pl reply asap. thanks & regards

    1. Dear Sankar,

      Netbooks come with Atom processor are basically for computing tasks including web browsing, email, word processing and presentation. Now if you are using trading software check the minimum requirement to run that software and if it is online, then you need a good internet connection. The netbooks can process large data, but may be a bit slow. I would suggest you check with the trading company / bank and find out the minimum requirement.

      As for Samsung N100 it comes with linux Meego. So you will have to spend some more money if you plan to install windows 7 starter (this may also void the warranty on the laptop, you need to check this with samsung).

  25. hello sir >.. isme kon si window chal sakti h >… and iska battry back up kya h ????????????

    1. Dear Amit,

      This netbook comes with meego OS, but bluetooth, wi-fi does not work properly, and if you want to connect usb broadband it is not that easy. You can replace the OS with windows xp to be on safer side. But you can also try the Windows 7 Starter Edition for netbook. If you install windows all your problem is solved, everything works.

      The battery used is 3 cell battery, which will last for about 4 to 5 hours/

  26. sir there is bluetooth in this net book????????????? and whr i get this net book …………. plzzzz send me all detail and adress

    1. Hi amit.
      N100 does have Wi Fi and Bluetooth connectivity you can get it from any leading stores in India.

      1. i have purchased it from ibibo in 2000 rs discount home dilivery

        how do you get bluetooth in this

        i found some software named bluetooth but how to enable

        thismeego version is very boring cause it causes a lot of problem to install a software i am thinking of installing windows 7 ultimate

        all the softwares like wifi would it be there???

        plz reply!

        1. Hi,
          You can install other software if you want that includes windows too.. since this is notebook make sure you use the software that will work on it.. windows 7 should work but may be bit slow.. and yes all devices will be working..

          1. why bit slower in desktop i am having windows 7 ultimaterunning properly in dual core 1gb 2.8ghz

            it is all right there

            will the power consumption be more??

            should i contact the company employers!!

            and how do you get bluetooth

            i dont have a bluetooth device

            when i connect mobile bluetooth it fails the search my netbook !!

            plz help

            how do you get in-buit bluetooth!

  27. hey what the hell

    i purchased the same piece but i didnt get some bluetooth icon at the top i tried to connect bluetooth by mobile also but it failed

    do i need a blank space like tarrece of my house to connect to wifi because sometimes somehow it connects!

    and would i becgarged for using the same!

    1. The meego OS is fast but the connectivity is still an issue.. There are other OS like which work well with most Indian hardware.. like it does work with tata photon plus. Bluetooth etc also works perfect.. You can try the os ( can run from the USB pen drive without installing it..)

      As for Wi-Fi I assure you are not using router and have subscribed to wi-fi services.. In which case the range is blocked in some part of your house. If you can access from terrace then it works. Call the wi-fi service provider and tell them you cannot access from home..