The Asus ROG GT51 is another gaming desktop that is powerful, packed with GeForce GTX 1080 GPU and is really big in size thanks to futuristic aerodynamic inspired design. The hardware can be over clocked up to 4.6GHz. So is it worth it, lets find out.

Asus ROG GT51 unboxing

Box pack content : Desktop, user guide, warranty card, mechanical keyboard and power cord.

Asus ROG GT51 design and features

When you look at the Desktop cabinet it looks quite futuristic – if you have seen the transformer movie, well it looks like one. The GT51 case comes with cool LEDs (RGB) that you can customize, you can choose from 8 Million colors.

Asus GT51 Gaming Desktop box pack

Not just the outside even the inside comes with ROG Aura Light effects. The Asus ROG GT51 case is kind of transparent and when you look inside you can see the Asus Logo lighting up, even the GeForce GTX GPU  lights up.

Asus GT51 Gaming Desktop big size 27Kg

This gaming desktop also comes with Slimtray DVD / Blu-Ray combo. There is reset and power button accessible on the front. On the front top there are couple of USB ports, a single USB Type C port and microphone and audio ports. On the back there are more USB ports (in all 6x USB 3.0, 2x USB 2.0), 1x RJ 45, 1x PS/2, audio ports, HDMI, DVI, Display port and power port.

Asus GT51 Gaming Desktop front cabinet

Asus ROG GT51 specifications

CPU : Intel Core i7 6th Gen 6700K that can be over clocked up to 4.6GHz
Chipset : Intel Z170
GPU : NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 (8GBx2)
RAM : 64GB (DDR4)
Storage : 512GB SSD, 3TB SATA
Optical Drive : Slimtray Multi DVD / Blu-Ray Combo
Connectivity : WiFi, Bluetooth and NFC (optional)
Weight : 27Kg
Others : ROG Band (Optional)
OS : Windows 10 Home

Asus GT51 Gaming Desktop front fan

Asus ROG GT51 performance

Since this is using GeForce GTX 1080 GPU,  gaming performance will be awesome, even on a 4K resolution monitor. The thermal liquid cooling system helps keep the core temperature cooler up to 31% enabling gamers to play without any performance issues. There is a fan on the front bottom that will suck in cool air.

Asus GT51 Gaming Desktop review

I ran 3D Mark 11 benchmark and got the score of 20173. The Furmark  benchmark temperature was Minimum 67 degrees and max 85 degrees.

Asus GT51 Gaming Desktop top ports

Overall performance was impressive, Desktop operational sound was less and it can play many high end games.

Asus GT51 Gaming Desktop HDMI Port


Gaming Laptops or Gaming Desktops are pricey cause of the cooling technology that they are using. The Asus ROG GT51 is good no issues with performance, the only thing is the size and price – of Rs. 3,25,000.

Asus GT51 Gaming Desktop more ports

Now you can assemble a gaming desktop and get in the powerful hardware including GTX 1080 GPU, however the cooling system is something you will need to work on. For normal user it will make no difference but for hardcore gaming users the system needs to perform at max level all the time.

Rating 3.9 out of 5

Asus ROG GT51 price in India is approx Rs. 3,25,000.

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  1. I have assembled my own pc 1 month back with almost same specs, instead of 64gb ram mine is 8gb x 3(24gb),i7 7th gen, 4tb hdd and the price was 1.35lakh,…. So if you are smart enough, then don’t buy this price hog machine.

    1. From where did you purchase 1080 Pawan? Did you import it. 1080 is damn pricey here in India.

  2. major challenge in assembling such powerfull coustom pc is getting a proper liquid cooling system. otherwise entire system will get burned in hot summer when outside temperature itself is 40 degree.

  3. I assembled my own PC, two years ago.
    I am using i7-4790K, with 24GB DDR3 1600 MHz RAM, 2GB DDR5 GTX 650 graphics card.
    Mostly doing video editing and 3D architectural rendering.
    System can get really stressed during its peak performance.
    Temperatures can reach above 100 degree Celsius.
    Currently using ‘Cooler Master Sedion 120’ CPU Liquid cooler.
    I did good for few months, kept temperatures around 80’s but now, again touching 100 degree Celsius.

    So, we can build and build systems on our own, but cant catch up or say cant race with the
    gaming systems or production ready systems (like HP Workstations) from renown companies.
    Sure, they come at a price but you will get amazing performance, a fuss free system and service on 1 call.
    If you can afford it, go for it.
    Right now I am looking for my next Machine.
    Would like to try this system (ASUS is trustworthy) or something from HP Workstation lineup.

    1. Did you install the heatsink correctly? Even my FX8350 doesn’t hit 80℃ on full load and its air cooled by deepcool lucifer k2.

      1. Man, I am editing and rendering 4k videos at, atleast 100Mbps bitrate. Its crazy.
        Using Autodesk 3DS Max and Adobe After Effects & Premiere Pro.
        2 years ago, without cooler, PC faced auto shutdown 3-4 times because of over heating.
        But now, I can at least work on projects and render output files. That ‘Cooler Master Sedion 120’ CPU Liquid cooler is Great.

        1. get a better graphics card. gtx 650 is a lowend gaming card. not useful for video rendering. thats why your cpu is getting over used

    2. The graphics card you have is not fit for 3D rendering. Its a consumer gaming card that too very low end.

      You need to get AMD fire prod or NVidia quadro series card which are built for 3d rendering.

      Secondly check the cooling system.

      Once you do both, your system will be fine.

  4. I assume the weight is 2.7KG and not 27KG. Please correct if m not wrong.
    Everything is top notch but I think it should ship with an i7 7700k processor as the prices are almost the same but 7700k has better overclocking potential and currently has the fastest clock speed per core, or the ryzen 1700 as it will get better in performance with DX12 and vulcan.
    Speaking of updates I am still living with FX8350 + RX 480 4GB and it can still handle everything I throw at it with ease, DX12 has breath in a new life in the Bulldozer.

      1. Sorry, my bad. I thougt it ought to be light weight owing to the hefty price tag. 27KG it is.