The MSI Vortex G65VR 7RF gaming desktop is now available in India, and it does come for a price. Here is the review of MSI Vortex G65VR 7RFwith GTX 1080 GPU. Key highlight of G65VR is that this powerful beast is packed inside a 6.5 litre body – in other words it is near about the size of a gaming console.

MSI Vortex G65VR 7RF Unboxing

The box is slim and from that you will get an idea about the desktop size, specifications are clearly mentioned on the box. Inside you will get the desktop, power cord, user manual, warranty card and recovery CD.

MSI Vortex G65VR 7RF Design and Features

This desktop looks unique, very compact and will blend well in any room, in fact you would want to show-off (usually we hide the Desktop Unit). This hardware is packed inside a 6.5 litre and 27.8cm high chassis, this includes everything – you just need to plug in the power cord.

MSI Vortex G65VR 7RF review

There is  single button on the Vortex and there are couple of ports on the back. Another unique thing is the LEDs on the desktop those are RGB, you can change that as per your choice. The Vortex is using Storm Cooling technology that is a revolutionary cooling method of extreme gaming – there is a gap below from where air is sucked in and thrown out from the top. So cool air gets sucked in from the bottom and thrown out from the top, thereby cooling the internals.

MSI Vortex G65VR 7RF review hardware

It is a known fact that Gaming Desktops make noise on an average the gaming desktop sound is 65dB but on the MSI Vortex it is under 37dB, it is really low when compared.

MSI Vortex G65VR 7RF review back view

The power supply unit is 80plus Gold certified – more safe, provides stable current and consumers less power plus generates less noise.

MSI Vortex G65VR 7RF dragon logo

This MSI Vortex Gaming Desktop supports Nahmic VR/ Nahimic 2, comes with killer doubleshot X3 Pro, XSplit Gamecaster and WTFast (gamers private network).

MSI Vortex G65VR 7RF specifications

Weight : 4Kg
Processor : Intel Core i7 7700L 4.2GHz (7th Gen)
GPU : GeForce GTX 1080 with 8GB GDDR5X (VR Ready)
RAM : 16GB
Storage : 256GB SSD and 1TB Super RAID 4
Overclocking : MSI SHIFT Technology using Dragon Center
Ports : Audio, 4x USB, 2x HDMI, 2x RJ45, 2x USB Type C and 2x mini display.
External Display : Can connect up to 6 4K monitors in Matrix
Power : 450W 80 Plus Gold
Body : Metallic Silvery Grey
OS : Windows 10 / 10 Pro

MSI Vortex G65VR 7RF ports

MSI Vortex G65VR 7RF Performance

The best thing I liked about this Vortex is the size and the operational noise. The noise is quite low, in normal mode hardly audible, but in turbo / extreme mode you can hear the fans (storm cooling) roaring, but still that is way too low when compared with a traditional gaming desktop.

Benchmark scores

3D Mark 11 – impressive 21,527
CineBench R15 – 143.29fps
Furmark – Min GPU Temp (57 degree) and max GPU temp (87 degree)

The GPU temp for Furmark was hovering around 87 degrees for longer period use.


The MSI Vortex G65VR 7RF no doubt a very powerful and compact gaming desktop. Amazingly the latest hardware is packed inside a 6.5 litre body. This gaming desktop unit however comes for a price starting from Rs. 2,64,990 (model 6RF with 8GB RAM).

Rating 4.2 out of 5

MSI Vortex is available on Amazon.


By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -