The Micromax Canvas A114 or the Micromax Canvas 2.2 is powered by a new breed of quad core chipset the MediaTek MT6582 clocked at 1.3GHz. This handset sports a 5 inch screen with qHD resolution and comes for a price tag of under Rs. 12,000.

A114 Box Pack
Inside the box you will find the handset, earphone, charger, data cable, some download goodies from Micromax, User Guide, 2000 mAh battery and warranty statement.

Design, Display and OS
Look wise there is nothing new with the Micromax A114, in fact most of the canvas series follow the same design pattern. The A114 weighs about 153 grams with battery, thickness is 9.74mm, breadth is 72.71mm and length is 145.23mm.

Handset has got curvy edges. Power button is placed on the right, volume rockers on left, micro USB and 3.5mm audio jack on the top. MMX A114 Sar value is 0.21 W/kg @ 1g (head) and 0.39 W/kg @ 1g (body).

Micromax canvas A114 2.2 box pack

The 5 inch IPS screen supports 960×540 pixels resolution with 16M colors ~ 220.29ppi. Viewing angles are okay. Touch is smooth and responsive. There is LED notification. This dual SIM (Normal SIM slot) handset runs on Android 4.2.2 OS. There are accelerometer, light and proximity sensors.

Memory and Storage
Of the 4GB internal storage 1.42GB is allocated as phone storage (1.2GB free) and 1GB as internal storage. And of the 1GB RAM 768MB is available. You can install and move apps on external storage. OTG is also supported.

Micromax A114 review

The Micromax Canvas 2.2 comes powered by 1.3GHz MT6582 quad core processor with Mali 400 GPU. The performance is pretty smooth and the benchmark scores are quite impressive.  This quad core chipset is different from the MT6589 that we have seen on many other handsets like the Micromax A116 and the Lava Iris 504q. In fact the benchmark scores are even better than the Micromax Magnus A117 that comes with 1.5GHz MT6589T processor (though screen resolution  and camera output is better on A117).

Micromax A114 unboxing

Benchmark scores

  • Quadrant Standard – 5932.
  • AnTuTu – 17114; 2nd time – 17332.
  • Vellamo – HTML5 2018, Metal 512.
  • Nenamark 2 – 56.2 fps
  • Multi touch : 5 points.

Micromax Canvas 2.2 handson

Camera and Entertainment
The camera quality is good enough but I still like the Magnus A117 quality. I shot some images in auto mode. On some images there is too much of the yellow tint. The rear 8MP auto focus camera with LED flash can record videos in full HD resolution. Video quality is good. This handset can easily play full HD videos with ease. There is 2MP front camera that can be used for video chats.

When recording videos the auto focus does not work you need to tap the screen (subject) to focus.

Micromax A114 8mp AF camera

I could install MC4 (Modern combat 4) and Asphalt 8 on the external SD card. Game play was extremely smooth and could play Asphalt 8 in highest graphics mode with ease.

I did not find any issues with 3G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Sound is loud and clear. GPS on the Micromax A114 is just awesome. I am not sure if it is on the handset that I reviewed but would want to get a confirmation from other users too, those using the A114. I got the first GPS lock in… well almost instantly.

The 2000 mAh battery as per the company will give talk time of up to 7 hours on 2G networks. I ran the benchmark apps for about 19 minutes, the battery dropped by 13% and 8% drop in battery when playing high end games for approx 10 minutes.

Micromax A114 2000 mAh battery

The qHD resolution is kind of disappointing; however, in general the handset seems quite powerful. The benchmark scores say a lot and gaming experience is also pretty smooth. Performance wise the Micromax canvas A114 seems better than the Magnus A117.

For the price of under Rs. 12,000 the Micromax Canvas 2.2 A114 is definitely worthy. Watch out for more 1.3GHz MT6582 powered handsets.

Image Gallery

Sample Images

Micromax Canvas A114 unboxing and review

MC4 and Asphalt8 game play on Micromax Canvas 2.2

1080p video shot using Micromax A114

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  1. Gogi bro canvas 2.2 sandisk ka 32gb class 10 memory card support kar lega. Maine ye card is mobile ke liye purchase karna hai.please reply.

  2. Micromax Canvas 2.2 Kitkat Out of the box is available? i heared this rumors . Gogi bro u know any news?

  3. When you say ” GPS on the Micromax A114 is just awesome”, I cannot agree more. I don’t think it’s just your handset, I just found out that Micromax A114 is using a GNSS chip which can receive signals from not only USA’s GPS satellites, but also from Russia’s GLONASS, EU’s Galileo and perhaps from China’s Beidou satellites (I cannot however confirm), and all that at the same time. That means you are not just getting ranges from 24 SVs, your constellation is much bigger, nearly about 80 satellites. I am looking for finding out which GNSS chip they use in their handset, still no luck. Any information would be most welcome.

  4. I have gone through the review had by you, all are impressive. I have selected micro max phones of total 4 model but I need you to advise on this for one of the TOP best out of 4. I think its good to take advise from the experts as you. (1.) Micromax canvas 2.2.A114 (2.) Micromax canvas elanza 2 (3.) Micromax canvas turbo mini (4.) Micromax canvas 2 Colorrasech

    Please let me know your top recommendation to go ahead with purchase

    1. All the MMX a114 users,let’s request for a kit Kat update on micromax official website .yeha pe comment karke kuch nahi hone wala.hope they may recover this issue as they see many users waiting for kitkat update

  5. How can I solve Micromax A114 Canvas 2.2 heating problem while playing games & using net.

  6. I have brought micromax A114 and have also bought an otg cable, but even after connecting it and pendrive it is not detecting and even showing a notification although it supports otg. please help me.

    1. hi naman,
      i have buyed mmx 2.2 from shopclues at 8099/- phone has a black border at the top edge of the screen which is thicker than the other three sides.i can only be visible only when u play full screen application..can u please check wheather ur phone also has that thick border at the top edge of the screen.i want to confirm wheather all mmx 2.2 a114 handsets come with a black border on the top edge of the screen

  7. Can I play nova 3 on this smartphone smoothly. Which phone is better in terms of gaming and over all performance (the canvas 2.2 or canvas colours).

    1. in terms of gaming mmx a114 is far better than canvas 2 colors because mmx a114 has qHD 960*480 display and mmx canvas 2 colors has 1920*720 HD display…

  8. I bought this phone for 9750, can you tell me how I can play .mkv .flv videos.

  9. Hello Gogiji,
    I just have a small confusion whether to buy Micromax canvas 2 colors or Micromax canvas 2.2 I have see both the reviews but I am not able to decide on which is best so can you suggest me which is the best buy in this. I am planning to buy it on Thursday so will be waiting for your reply.

      1. Thanks a Lot Gogiji Was waiting for u replay… Now Confirmed I will Go With Colors Only…

  10. Can any one solve..? Micromax A114 Canvas 2.2 heating problem while playing games & using net.

  11. I brought my canvas2.2 yesterday but the problem is dual is not working. Is there any solution plz help.

  12. Well brothers..!!! I Bought this phone from flipkart for 9800 and this phone is awesome.! My previous handset was Canvas 2.! I have EPO download issue.. (shows network unavailable) and in camera video effect..bug may b there..) Luv the cam and its flash as I like clicking pics..(I use stock cam lenovo 3.6.6 nd cam 360). Flash is awesome gave me good pics at low light..!!! Some additional patches/tweaks I applied!

    Games run smoothly. Battery life is good but wanted more battery power! Ram is awesome, wild blood is crashing for some reason. Others games like MC$, Fifa 14, GTA, Temple run 2, subway surfer, you will luv the smoothness.

    Its depends where you buy your handset and will recommend you all to have a second option so that you can replace the handset if any issues are there.

    1. GPS and other features works well, some basic fixes are we can do a factory recent to fix some issues. FB group is also there you may join and ask questions and plz do your own research as well with double check I recommend this handset as well as colour if your budget is under Rs.10,000.

      1. Music quality can be increased in engineer mode and with equalizer.! Check the audio enhancement in user profile and see. If you like it!.

  13. My problem is that my a114 auto switches off. Please tell me how to solve this issue.

  14. Does this phone Micromax A114 Canvas 2.2 Support game Like temple run-2 just this I don’t know that For running temple run Accelerometer and gyroscope is needed or just accelerometer. Please tell me it will help me so much. Also can I upgrade this Micromax A114 Canvas 2.2 to the latest version of Android 4.4 KitKat? What is the Price of this phone in Varanasi ,India and on

    1. Hi Kriti the better choice is 2.2 its a good phone and screen is 5 inch as compared to unite 2 which has 4.5 inch. The popularity of unite 2 is just because of OS kitkat. Go with 2.2.

  15. Can you tell me which phone is better
    1 canvas colors
    2 canvas 2.2
    3 canvas elanza

    1. Canvas 2.2 is better in overall performance & battery life but look wise colours is best. If u want kitkat in low cost then go for elanza or mmx unite 2.

  16. I just bought it few days ago and what i see is after getting full charge the led notification don’t turns to green it gets stuck at red only and turns to green only after i re-connect the charger
    do everyone have this issue or only me??

    1. Yes led notification light doesn’t work perfectly, but sometimes its work. This issue is only for charging otherwise led works fine for miss call incoming msgs etc.

  17. bought this phone 2 days ago from Flipkart for rs 9799……i did a lot of researches on smartphones for about 3 months and at last i found this one perfect for me…..would buy a200 but the battery performance stopped me….now i m very statisfied with this one and at this price point(which i bought) nothing can give you better value for money than this….and i recommend the white colored handset than the ugly looking black coloured one! highly recommend for budget smart phone buyers…..!

  18. After 2 months of use here is my view about Canvas a114.
    1) Display(though color saturation not that great)
    2) 1gb ram(good no of free ram)
    3)Camera(day) quality better with camera360
    4) Usb otg(also works as a power bank)
    5) Fast charging(Avg 1%/1min, 1.2%/ 1min upto 90%)
    6) Gps works offline( Really fast gps lock)
    7) Design(White)
    8) Performance very good(q core)
    1)Headphone sound quality below avg
    2)Camera(night)very grainy & focusing is slow
    3)Flash is not that powerful
    4)After some shot pic comes out blurry bt good wt camera360

    This mobile is perform very well, built in ui is slow bt wt Tsf shell it is very fast. I have total 187 apps including 28 casual games (including temple run2, temple run Oz, tennis 3d, fruit ninja, papa pear saga, homerun battle 3d, raging thunder II, Dr.driving, beach buggy blitz zombie smasher etc) bt phon is works perfectly well, I noticed llittle lag while playing temple run Oz only 2-3 times in whole 2months. I disappoint for its Headphone sound quality, I have galaxys Headphone bt sound is not good also in it. Focusing capability of Main camera is not great. Its take blurry pictures bt sometimes takes well detailed pictures. But with app camera360 its take very good images, Some shots are really looking awesome with good details & good color saturation. This app works well also in low light bt low light focusing is slow, Front camera clarity is acceptable but color is dump. Hope camera quality improve after kitket update(focusing issue). Before I buying this phn I was worried about it’s ppi(220) bt it’s not a issue, believe me 220ppi is enough for clearly view pic & video. Though display color is good bt its saturation could have been better. Horizontal viewing angle of display is awesome bt from some corner display looking slightly black shade. Last word for 10-11k it is a allround performer.
    Points out of 10(from my experience) :
    1) Display…………………..7.5
    2) Design………………….. 8.0
    3) Performance………… 8.5
    4) Camera(day)………….7.0
    5) Camera(night)……….4.5
    6) Front camera………..5.0
    7) Music(quality)……… 7.0
    8) Music(loud)…………..7.0
    9) Music(headphn)……3.5
    10) Overall………………..7.4(except night, front, Headphone quality)

  19. I purchased a114 yesterday but whatsapp is not working ..give a solution for this

  20. Sir, i m going to buy a memory card for this…for high end games, recording and watching 1080p videos, clicking photos…will the class4 be enough or i should buy class10…which one you prefer for these purposes?

  21. cant install apps on my canvas 2.2 i am able to download apps from play store but it wont install it just shows that the download in 100%% completed but the installation does not proceed plz help