Apple iPod nano has been redesigned which is now not only lighter and smaller but also features a multi-touch display. The TFT touch screen display is 1.54 inches (diagonal) with resolution of 240 x 240 pixels.  The New Apple iPod nano is available in 8 GB and 16 GB capacity with 6 colour options (Graphite, Silver, Pink, Orange, Blue and Green).

If you have used an iPod nano before the new Apple iPod nano will really impress you, especially the multi touch option that adds a whole new experience. Just swipe on the home screen and you will be able to browse your music files; you also filter it by composer, songs, artists, genres, albums and playlists. For playing just tap the file you want to hear.

The Apple iPod nano 6th generation comes with a built in clip to attach the iPod nano on your pocket or bag or jacket. Now you can move around, dance, walk or run listing to your favourite music.

6th Gen Apple iPod nano multi-touch features
6th Gen Apple iPod nano multi-touch features

The battery life is amazing you can get entertained for almost 24 hours on a single charge. Once the battery gets depleted just plug in the charger and re-charge the (built-in) battery. When you are not in a mood of listing to songs in a particular order just shake the Apple iPod nano and it will shuffle the songs, you will never know which song is going to play and the whole experience will be a pleasant surprise.

You can also listen to live music from your iPod nano by simply switching on the built in FM radio. You can flip the dial to change the station and also set your favourite station. Now here is an interesting feature. You can “pause” the FM radio with live pause feature and you can tap again to listen from where you left. You can even fast forward to catch up with the live broadcast.

Most of the users carry the Apple iPod nano when taking their morning or evening walk or when jogging. The Apple iPod nano now comes with pedometer that can monitor your steps and help you achieve your fitness goals at the same time keep you entertained.

Apple iPod nano features

The Apple iPod nano 8GB capacity can store about 2,000 songs and 16 GB can store approx 3700 songs. This device can last for almost a full day of continuous play from a single charge. The iPod nano can be fully charged in just about 3 hours.

The multi-touch display is 1.54 inches supporting resolution of 240x 250 pixels. The nano comes with 1 year limited warranty. Following are the dimensions Width: 8.78mm, Height: 37.5mm and Length: 40.9mm. This device weighs 21.1 grams.

Other features are Pedometer, Nike + iPod support, audio books, photos, music, FM Radio and USB, 3.5mm jack.

Apple iPod nano multi-touch price in India
Apple iPod nano multi-touch price in India

Apple iPod nano 6th Generation Price in India

16GB Price Rs. 12,600
8GB price Rs. 10,600

Verdict: The Apple iPod nano is a must have device for serious music lovers, the sound quality is awesome (you simply cannot compare it with any other devices) and the new multi-touch display makes navigation even more interesting.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -