Along with the Apple iPhone 5C, Apple Inc also launched the Apple iPhone 5S that comes with a unique feature – a fingerprint identity sensor. The iPhone 5S is priced at $199 for 16GB, $299 for 32GB and $399 for 64GB in the US with contract. Unlocked version will cost more.

The iPhone 5S is powered by A7 chipset (64 bit architecture) with M7 motion coprocessor. The A7 chipset is 2 times faster than its predecessor the A6. M7 coprocessor adds as a sidekick that not only helps reduce power consumption but also takes off some load from the A7 chip. M7 handles the accelerometer, compass and gyro part. M7 can detect when you are running, driving or walking, it also consumes minimal power when in sleep mode.

If you compare the specifications with the Apple iPhone 5 there is not much of a difference. The screen, design and the internal storage space is the same. However Processor is different plus the camera now comes with improved lens and not to forget the fingerprint scanner that doubles as the home button (as well as the scanner).

The finger sensor is no doubt an innovative feature and a better security option. Users can unlock the phone and their fingerprint can also approve purchases made from stores. It does not matter how you hold the phone (portrait / landscape) the fingerprint scanner works anyway.

Apple iPhone 5S

The Apple iPhone 5S is 7.6mm thick with aluminum housing and weight is about 112 grams. Handset supports 4G, 3G, Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi (a/b/g/n) and GPS with A-GPS/GLONASS. The screen is 4 inches with 1136×640 pixels resolution. There is an 8MP rear auto focus camera and front 1.2MP with 720p recording. The rear camera can record in full HD resolution.

Apple iPhone 5S color options

iPhone 5S houses accelerometer, gyro, light, proximity and fingerprint identity sensors. The built in Li-ion battery gives a talk-time of up to 10 hours on 3G. Users can use the net continuously for almost 8 hours on 3G, and 10 hours on 4G or Wi-Fi. This handset is available in Gold, Silver and Space gray colors, no word about the Apple iPhone 5S price in India.

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  1. Dear Gogi bhai,
    first of all thank u very much for giving us all the latest news on new mobile technology.
    plz guide me which mobile antivirus i should use, i m using samsung galaxy sii. I want the best one.
    Thanks in advance.

  2. Apple plan is to make colourfull phone for which plastic is must but people interupt it as cheap phone & is highly disappointed.We should understand one thing that never aspect much from apple in pricing.Its not a mmx its apple.

  3. if i root my android (micromax a35) can it b unrooedt for warranty anytime??? if yes how???

    plzzzzz hlp me Gogi bro…

  4. Motorola Atrix had finger print scanner two years ago. Now Apple will sue Motorola for using finger print scanner 2yrs ago in Atrix which Apple just discovered & patented lol 😀

  5. Deal!
    Hey gogi one of my friend has two choices as of
    lava iris 504q 13.5k
    and iphone 4s (unknown storage) 15k with bill and a sealed box!
    Guys what would you choose?

        1. gogi i have personally checked the box and its genuine
          so let me know what should we go for
          LAVA IRIS 504Q 13.2k vs iPHONE 4S for 16k

  6. iss tim cook ne to apple ko paka diya he!!!! yar ek finger print scanner ke dalne se hota kya he. who cares about security. mai aaj ek phone lene jata hu to mai sabse pehle uske ka processer,screen resolution, ram aaps,os ,camera yeh sab check karta hui na ki uske security feature dekh ta hu because this is additional feature. but after thi 5c i have lost all hope about apple to become no.1 again

  7. Just for some premium look, brand logo & existing innovation it is really kinda fool to buy whereas big android players are in the market at low price…

  8. Apple is now playing Rip off policy with their the past when a new iphone model is launched they used to cut price of older model by 100$ and replace it new model for same price. But now they have increased the price of new iphone and instead of cutting price of old model by 100$ they launced inferior iphone 5c with plastic body for that 100$ price cut.

    1. You’re right.It would be a better sense to have iphone 5 than 5c.but they have discontinued it so that people could embrace the polycarbonate body.

      1. its discontinued in US not India .. go on any Online Store and see . If u really want to buy Iphone 5 go and guy then

  9. i have a personal hatred for iOS and samsung touchwiz ui but the fingerprint scanner is really awesome…

  10. fingerprint scanner is INNOVATION lolz
    Even older phones had this tech (pssh…WM)
    And yeah that 8mp is still 8mp with a slight bump in pixel size from 1.3 um to 1.5 um nothing ground breaking
    instead of a co-processor they should have increased Battery which is still same 1440mah.
    Most dissapointing thing is instead of reducing price of last years iphone 5 they are replacing it with 5Crap to get people buy 5s instead of 5 is their strategy.

  11. Now a days iphone’s lose waw effect which earlier we used to see during launch.But now it just ok.The fingerprint scanner is also not there invention its first made by a chinese comp. few month earlier.Look at the phones of premium chinese brands it gives magical like feel like rare touth technology from oppo,slimest phone from vivo,pure view & wireless charging by nokia.These are the company who really brings innovations.

    1. There are many but a small size CPU-Z can give you a lot of info and you can check the sensors too.