The awaited Apple iPhone 5C has finally been launched. The handset will be available in 5 color variants and unfortunately like other iPhone devices this one too doesn’t fit into the budget category.

The iPhone 5C will cost $99 for the 16GB version and $199 for the 32GB version (with contract) in the US. Without the contract (Unlocked version) the same will be available for approx $549 and $629 this when converted to INR it comes to over Rs. 34,000 and over Rs. 40,000. For now a budget friendly iPhone or a cheaper iPhone is still a distant dream.

The Apple iPhone 5C weighs just 133 grams with an 8.9mm thickness. The screen is 4 inches supporting resolution of 1136×640 pixels with 326ppi and what Apple calls is as the ‘Retina Display’. The handset will be available in Green, Yellow, White, pink and Blue color variants.

iPhone 5C also flaunts a 1.2 megapixel camera on the front and another 8 megapixel camera (iSight) on the rear. It is an auto focus camera with LED flash support. Full HD video recording (with video stabilization) and playback is supported.

5C is powered by an A6 chipset and houses a single Nano SIM. This handset runs on the iOS7 OS. There are proximity, accelerometer, light and gyro sensors. The built-in Li-ion rechargeable battery gives a talk-time of up to 10 hours on 3G networks and up to 10 hours internet usage on a 4G network.

the apple iphone 5c

Apple iPhone 5C

Other features are 4G, 3G, GPS with GLONASS / A-GPS and Bluetooth 4.0. There is still time for this handset to hit the Indian stores but most of you will be keen to know the Apple iPhone 5C price in India.

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  1. cheap iphone at 35000 wat a joke ?
    u will get a flagship device with loaded features of all company’s at this price point.

  2. Gogi sir, please correct the price of iphone 5C 32gb unlocked, its 629$ not 649$ as mentioned by you…

    1. Arun I have updated the price, usually in the US consumers go for with a contract and unlocked version price fluctuates depending on demand.

  3. recently when I needed to buy a phone for my wife I surveyed each and every soiree of our vicinity…..these days all good hands are of 5 inch.
    only 4-5 handsets in the category of 5.7+ inch.
    Apple is 4 inches…..
    and some users who said that Apple copied from android, actually are hurting Steve jobs’ aatma

  4. Apple, Nokia, Samsung, Htc etc brands actually indirectly helping some Indian as well as Chinees brands to grow up & catch the market easily…

  5. By cheap Apple meant just cheaper hardwares, specs, plastic shells etc; Not price-wise 🙂 Specs-wise cheaper handset for high price.

  6. apple never insinuated that they were making a cheap iphone, it was all the work of speculation by people on basis of leaked blurry images of the product.

  7. Just Give me Box Of Grenade i want To End My Contract With iphone and Their Headquarter By destroying Them, if i can! This Is Tooo Much!

  8. Even my 520 looks waayyy better than this 5c (C for CRAP)
    Apple thought lets copy colors and ploycarbonate style from nokia.
    And for iOS 7 they already copied from WP and Droid.
    Apple is continuously degrading after Steve Jobs death.

  9. Bro i said it must be priced but not it will be…for the specs it got if it need sales it must be priced at 20k-25k

    1. I know bro. I just said that Apple won’t do it anyways. Bringing a lower priced device will hurt their reputation! 😛

      1. Bro i am still sure both iphones will be massive hit in india. 5c attracts womens bcz of colour & 5s rest.Rich people still feel ashamed of carrying a sumsung or nokia phones.They want show off thats it.It will be priced higher than 50k but i think most of its buyers income also increases in same pace.

        1. bro i accept for ur point that women will be interested in colors but the question is how many are interested in the technology.

  10. A far more sensible option for Apple would have been to launch the iphone 5c with restricted app access from the playstore. Some 10,000 apps only would be available including most of the general user ones like social media apps, browsers, music and media players and the most popular games. Specialized apps for doctors, designers etc would not be in the list of available apps. Such professionals can afford to get the full i-phone anyway and they have no right to complain about the higher price because they are getting a large return for their investment. The cheaper phone with restricted app access would cost 15k initially dropping down to some 13k eventually. It would certainly be immensely popular, and more important from Apple’s point of view, really make competition difficult for android and windows phones etc.

    As it is, this policy of leasing out the device feeling sure that the customer will buy the unlocked version at the end of two years may not work out so great because who knows how much technology would have changed in that time? Even thinking of the U.S market alone, Apple might just have wandered down a bad road here.

  11. apple is totally dump adamant in pricing high,they feel they are smart….we indians are smarter rather than blindly queing up as apple guys never learnt any lesson from indian market so far.

  12. Hello gogi sir ,what if we buy an iphone with contract with two years for 99 dollars and then getting it unlocked (in my local areas they do this for around 500rs) is it legal then or will create a problem????

  13. An affordable iPhone should not be more than 20k … Anyways I think even Sony xperia c will be priced around 25k and will not really be cheap. Much happy with my iris 504q… Peace of mind lol

  14. ios 7 looks superb. though they copied many android functions. instead of many different devices why dont samsung release one device which is iphone killer.

  15. 5C isnt cheap by any means…!!!

    with this kind of pricing, 5c is dead b4 arrival

    oly 6k difference btw their cheap and premium model

    in extra 6k, u get premium camera, aluminium chasis, fingerprint scanner, more updates ,support & lots more..

    also u loose the pride when u carry 5c rather than 5S,

    All @ stake 4 6k??, shares stumbled upon their pricing

    Apple u r drunk…!!, reduce ur price or drop 5C

  16. According to me, cheap product is the one which is sold on street side in India.

    According to Apple, cheap iphone means the one which is sold with plastic cover instead of metallic one !! 🙂

    This “Apple” is very very hard to digest. :-/

  17. Still a lot of fools who still consider this as cheap and will buy it.Don’t know why people follow apple blindly. The colored back panels are copied from lumia series. Apple sucks.

  18. best gadget for if you want to waste your money…dont buy these american gadgets to boost our currency against doller. buy only indian products to boost our currency. it is a fact that if the 1/5 th of worlds population decided to not buy american products and the products in dollar, what will happen to the doller.

    1. Shivam, a contract in USA is like for example in India Airtel gives you 5C for a lower price and forces you to use their network for a period of 2 years or more. If you recall when reliance phones were launched they too came up with a scheme where in users paid a small amount and then paid EMI every month that included the network usage (with limit) the phone will be theirs only after the contract got over and if at anytime the users want to cancel the contact they had to pay the balance or as per the rule of the contract.

      1. Gogi, do you mean to say the Apple charge from service providers,and service providers from people??

        1. In the US there is contract option, the network provides some discount if you compare it overall (i.e. if you are willing to use the network).