Pre-orders for iPhone 4S will start in few days and by 28th of this month the iPhone 4S will finally reach the Indian markets, hopefully. As expected the iPhone 4 prices are also going to fall but here is some more good news especially for consumers who are looking to buy the iPhone 4, when the 4S arrives.

Apple will now sell refurbished iPhone 4 handsets in India for Rs. 22,500 for the 16 GB version. Those who have recently bought the iPhone 4 may be cursing their luck.

But what exactly is a refurbished device?

These are devices that are sent back to original manufacturer to correct any problems that the device may be facing. The device is cleaned; some parts may be replaced and packed again but sold as refurbished devices. These devices carry the same benefits that you get when you buy a brand new device (bill / warranty etc). This trend is usually followed in the UK and USA where most people prefer a refurbished device because it is very cheap.

Apple to sell iPhone 4 refurbished (16 GB version) in India
Apple to sell iPhone 4 refurbished (16 GB version) in India

Now refurbished iPhone 4 (16 GB version) will sell in India for just Rs. 22,500. There are two reasons why Apple is doing this. 1st : With the launch of iPhone 4S the iPhone 4 16 GB and iPhone 4 32 GB versions will be discontinued and there is already a shortage of new iPhone 4 16 GB variant which is in fact a hot selling item. 2nd : Apple is also planning to launch a cheaper version of iPhone 4 that will be an 8 GB version (less storage).

So logically the demand for the iPhone 4 16 GB will go down unless Apple reduces the cost and clears their stock. The iPhone 4S will be launched first, then Apple will sell the 16 GB iPhone 4 refurbished versions and later on launch a cheaper 8 GB version, makes sense.

Interested? Where can you buy these refurbished units?

You will have to wait until you see the iPhone 4S in Indian stores.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -