According to Bloomberg, Apple will soon come out with a mini version of iPad called the iPad Mini. This iPad will not only be smaller is size but will also have trimmed down resolution to low the cost.

The New iPad comes with a lot of good feature but it is the price that keeps many Indians away. Samsung managed to attract a good number ­of these consumers by launching their low end tablet called the Samsung Galaxy tab 2 for just under Rs. 20,000.

The Apple iPad Mini will sport a 7 and/or an 8 inch display screen with a lower resolution as compared with the bigger iPads. Apple Inc is targeting to keep the price tag under $200 (INR approx 11,000). The Mini will be competing with the recently announced Google Nexus 7 and the already excising Kindle Fire that comes with an attractive price tag.

With the launch of the iPad Mini, Apple will be hitting two birds with a single stone. They will not only enter the low cost tablet market (7 inch tablets) with a competitive price tag, but also give an option to iPad users who are not comfortable carrying these big sized tabs.

The low cost Apple iPad Mini

The month of October will come with dual surprises, the new gen iPhone launch and the Apple iPad mini. The released data and the price in India are not known, but it will start from (estimated) Rs. 16,000 for the Wi-Fi version.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -