Apple offering a minimum of Rs. 13K in buyback scheme

Apple has come up with a new scheme to boost the sales of iPhone 4S and the latest iPhone 5C. As per the buyback scheme users can get a minimum of Rs. 13,000 in exchange of their existing smartphone.

Condition apply: Offer valid on selected handsets that include BlackBerry (Z10/Q10), Apple iPhone 4, Nokia Lumia 925, HTC Desire (500/600/One Mini / One Dual SIM), Samsung (Mega 5.8/Mega 6.3/S4 Mini / S3 /S4 /Note 2/Note 3 and Sony (Xperia C /ZR/Z/Z1 and Z Ultra).

Is this offer really lucrative?
It depend on if you really want to go in for the Apple iPhone, you will have to do the maths, and if you can pay off the remaining amount after the buyback offer. The good part is that for the models listed you will at least get Rs. 13,000 and more depending on the condition and purchase date.

The Apple iPhone 5C is selling starting from Rs. 41K and the iPhone 5S for around Rs. 53K.

Apple buyback scheme get minimum 13,000


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